BAT VK-3500 Any “ears on”experience? How does it compare to earlier BAT integrateds?

Hi…once again considering a quality integrated to simplify.

I had one of the earlier versions of their integrateds…however, it was the one with the 6922 tubes…I liked it a lot and could have lived with it….but ended up going back into separates for improved resolution, without sacrificing warmth, body, and “musicality.” I always was hoping they’d offer an improved version of their 6922 based integrated (YES, I know that this company is all about the Supertube…but I’ve never been a big fan of their sound (this closed the ARC door for me too)).

Anybody try this integrated…what were your thoughts?
What were your thoughts compared to earlier BAT integrateds vk300, vk3000?
Do the improvements vs. the earlier ones warrant the significant price increase (now 12k USD!)

None of this is a criticism of BAT or the supertube…. Have deep respect for Victor/BAT … but the supertube sound has not been my bag…but maybe this new offering is the best of multiple worlds?

There is very little out there in terms of reviews etc…wondering if anyone even actually owns one? ; )

I agree.  I have found that super tube to be a bit lean sounding and in my ears, definitely not a super tube. The price of the tube is crazy expensive as well. 
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Looks like the same integrated internally. Think they just want to give it the new "look" for a consistent line-up. Why tamper with perfection?
Thanks dweller for the response…guess I was hoping for a little tampering in exchange for the $4000 price increase ; )
Yeah, a 4k price boost is a kick in the yarbles. As we know, this is "feeding frenzy" time. The word on the (Wall) street is: "we've got inflation now so feel free to raise prices.". The only response us little people have is to "not buy". That's the only language the piggies understand. The former VK ints are really wonderful (I owned two) and should be a bargain now.
If you can control your lust for the latest-and-greatest you should be alright.
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