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power cords for 220v
I socnd that, all my power cords are US type and I am using them for 220 volt no problem. 
Acapella LaCampanella ?
Yes for sure, they are great if you can afford them. I listened to them during the CES05 and they were great. The room was not big either and I was sitting about 6-8 feet from the speakers. However, I also think that the whole set up was great. Tu... 
Who needs spellcheck?
I agree, it didn't take me any longer to read it too. good one. thanks Lugnut. 
McIntosh C-2200 Preamp
I had it for a demo and liked it very much even though I did not need it because my DAC (dCS Delius) has its own volume control. but it did ad some wormth to the presentation. it is nice preamp, go for it. 
Help - Mark Levinson Owners
with the kind of euqipment you have I would recommend Shanyata line. I have tried many and own many but foud Shanyata to be the best when it comes PC.good luck 
Issues With McIntosh C2200 Balanced Input
well, last week I had the C2200 for a demo along with the MC402 and found that using the McIntosh amp I had to increase the volume by about 10-15 cliks to get the same volume level connecting the C2200 to my Gryphon Antileon Solos. I didn't know w... 
what is the best way to add remote control
well, thank you all for your suggestions. One thing I discovered is whenever I cut the power from my amps, then apply it again I still would have to go to the on/off switch and turn it on. it has one of those electronic standby switches. so non of... 
Audience vs. Acoustic Zen vs. Harmonic Technology
Jayctoy,you know why you heard the Pro 9 very close to the Stori? is becuase they are the same cable!! I heard that HT and Zen are exactly the same cables with different jackets.I would vote for either one. I am using the Zen 
what is the best way to add remote control
Rwwear,what is the the Latching Power Switch and X-10? 
what is the best way to add remote control
Edesilva, thank you for your comments, I am awar of the Power Director but as you said it is an expensive and not needed in my case because I do have a UPS that powers my entire system. My system is in total isolation from the main powers i.e. i d... 
Does anybody own or have heard the DCS Delius ?
I second that. I own the Verdi Purcell, Delius and very happy with the performance. the best part is the fact that you don't feel that you need to upgrade just like Cfjohn said. Go for it, great gear that comes with great support from the factory. 
What's good used 5.1pre/pro for $1500 or less
for that amount on money you can get yourslef an EAD pre/pro. I would think it would be much better than many pre/pros out there. good luck. 
Revel Studios for half price?
My advise is go for the real thing first time. if you like the Revel, then save yourself time, effort, and money and buy it. otherwise you will always think about it no mattar what you end up buying. I just got a pair of Salons and said to myself,... 
Gryphon gets no press, but is great.
I also have to agree with you guys; I do have the Sonata Allegro preamp along with the Solo Antileon mono amps. I do really do believe that they're one of the best. in this crazy hobby, this is the first time I feel that I don't need to upgrade an... 
Any one haerd the Gryphon products?
eantala,I recently bought their top of the line preamp Sonata Allegro and their former top of the line mono amps the Antilon, acutely at the time have had not heard of them before, but a fellow Audiogoner pointed me toward them, so I started doing...