Generator Power Supply--Audio Epiphany

A few days ago a wicked storm took out the power for several days.  My fish were not going to tolerate that so well.  Nor was the fridge.  Was bummed the weekend audiofest was on hold.
Ran out and purchased a Generac 8500 watt generator.  Later that night, with a non-audiophile approved 12g power cord I fired up my secondary audio system.


I could not believe how good this system sounded.  NEVER better.  10K speaker cables never could have touched this improvement.

Now the power went back on.  I feel like a junkie without a fix. (Not that I have first hand experience with such things).

Anyone else experience this???
I'd be concerned with slight variations in power coming from a generator.
I know computers and UPS battery backups are very sensitive to this variation.
Good compromise is Furman with LiFT and series mod protection. Next step up is PS Audio.

My old 10k watt generator would definitely fluxuate and I could see the lights flicker constantly. My new 20K generator installed a year ago because we have a lot of power outages around here has yet to turn on. We don't seem have power outages anymore. Ha ha.

i do enjoy the use of a P10. It works very well.
You know, it may be worthwhile measuring your house voltage. It could be something as simple as your generating giving you a nice little voltage boost.

If that's true, then what you probably want is a conditioner with built in voltage regulation.
Appreciate the thoughts.  I think I will check out voltages of both my home and the generator. 
I was thinking the improvement was due to a lack of noise on the generated power source.  Did not note any flicker in the lights but I did wonder about potential problems in this regard.