Genalex GL KT88 Reissue on Conrad Johnson 12

I am wondering if anyone has had experience with the Gold Lion KT88 on Conrad Johnson Premier 12 or 11 amplifier. Is there any sonic improvement over the stock svetlana 6550 tube, or svetlana kt88 which is what I am currently using.

Also, some ARC owners reported problems with GL KT88 reissue but I do not see similar report from any CJ owners.

Any comments will be appreciated.
This is second hand information, but I've read that about a year ago there was a bad run of GL KT88s and no real issues since.

And the handful of people I know who have tried the reissues has found them to be their favorites of all available KT88s. Some even more so than the originals. FWIW...
I am running these in VAC Avatar Super, I had an inital problem that was unrelated to the tube itself. They have been great since. They are absolutely fantastic sounding tubes.
I am running these on Audiopax Model 88 and find them to be excellent and a noticeable improvement from the Svetlanas that I was previously running.
Hello, I have never herd the original Genalex KT88’s before, but all I have read indicates that they were quite the tube and if you can find them know and do not need a whole lot of them they are still one of the best HT88 tubes out.

I am running Audio Valve Challenger Mono Blocks which are auto biasing and can use EL34’s, 6550 or KT88’s. The wattage also changes with the type of output tube; the real negative side of this is that each amp takes (6) SIX tubes! When you are buying Genalex Gold Loin KT88’s x 6 matched prs that is $550 BUCKS- well call me stupid but I dropped it for 12 bad boys and it was well worth it.

My amps came with Electro-Harmonix EL34’s and putting these bad boys in was a huge improvement, starting with just plan more power and with power comes more AC needed to keep the room cool and believe you me it sure gets hotter now; then a much bigger sound stage more controlled deeper bass. The EL34’s have a real luscious mid sound but the KT88’s really rock, especially with Swing Jazz (Big Bad Voodoo Daddy) and Blues (Buddy Guy). Well worth the investment for me, however now I got curious and went and picked up 12 Ruby Tubes (6550’s) and they are sounding pretty sweet (and over $250 less!)
What would be a trustworthy source for the Genalex reissues in terms of proper testing and matching?
I am also using these with a VAC Avatar Super,and am very pleased. I got mine from Jim McShane at Citation Amps.

He matches them very carefully, and has a stellar reputation.
I have purchased JJ KT88s and some NOS 62n7s and 6sl7s from TubeDepot &also have purchased Groove Tube EL34s from Virginiatubeaudio - with no complaints -they both carry the Genalex