Genalex Gold Lion EL84

Any body tried Genalex Gold Lion EL84. I heard many people talking about new Genalex Gold Lion EL84 with better sound. I want to buy them but need your feedback. Russian Mullard El84 tubes sound is good with my Dynaco ST70.
I've no direct experience, but I've read good things about them and will probably be trying them in my Music Reference RM10 MK II.
You mean EL 34's don't you? In which case (if you want the ultimate in sonics) I would recommend the NOS Genalex (but VERY expensive!)

JJ currently makes a KT77 that a lot of people seem to like, and they're not too expensive:
Mullard Russian EL34 for Dynaco ST70 and Genalex Gold Lion EL84 for Eico HF81
Well, you only mentioned the Dynaco in your OP, so I just assumed you were talking abour EL 34's ;--)

Frankly, all those "reissues" from New Sensor in Russia are not notable for great sound. They do the job is all you can say about them. If you want really good EL84's, you should need vintage NOS. Try and get some NOS Mullard Blackckburn's (with the one sooty hole in the plate ;--) or the NOS RCA blackplates. Otherwise, the JJ's are considered the best of the current crop, or the Mullard reissues, I suppose.
NOS Mullard Blackckburn's are expensive and wife factor is big issue for buying
I brought and tried Russian GL EL84 on Eico HF81. Sound is much better than Russian Mullard El84 and close to 8.5/10 scale of England Mullard EL84. You should try them if you need to buy. I have a chance to compare Rusian GL EL84 VS. England Mullard El84 as local guy wanted to sell 4 NOS England Mullard El84 for $500. He agreed that Russian GL is close to England Mullard. Maybe in future Russian tube will make them better now. I may think about trying GL EL34 tubes for Dynaco ST70 if I have a chance
I bought them too and am very impressed. I would say that they might be the best new production EL84. However, the NOS Mullard was always my favorite and I don't think the Gold Lions are quite as good in all ways. The GL's seem a bit too tight in the bass but that may be the only downside. Perhaps the Mullard is a bit too loose down there and I just prefer it. I'm also comparing a pretty worn set of Mullards to a fairly new set of Lions so this is not exactly a scientific result. With the cost in mind, it is a no brainer... the Gold Lion is a safe bet. I never would have said this about any of the other modern EL84's I've tried. I was never completely happy with any of them. There is a reason I spent a ton of money collecting old Mullards and "D" getter Amperex Bugle Boys. But, no longer, I am going to get at least one more set of the Gold Lions for now.
I understand the JJ EL84's are popular. Anyone try those?
JJ versus GL? Comparisons?
I tried the JJ's, new Mullards, and the GL's and preferred the GL's over them all. JJ's were only slightly better than the new issue Mullards to me. I was trying them after rejecting them from my 5 watt guitar recording amp. I liked an RCA NOS for the guitar amp best, but definately the Gold Lions in the HiFi rig.
Bought the GLs from Roger Modjeski who seems to love these reissues, he recommended them over the Ei that typically come with RM10 amp.
Just had one GL go bad after 18 months or so use. All the others still test as good. Perhaps we can't expect them to last as long as NOS stuff. Anyone else have any problems?
:( not yet!
Folks, I have to say that I'm really happy with these tubes. Normally I run NOS Telefunken but this time, it seems that I have found my 'close' stand in.
Hi Fedoragent

What other EL84 tubes have you used in in addition to the Telefunken and Gold Lion EL84s? My experience with EL84s and 6BQ5 tubes is limited. Right now I'm using a pair of current re-issue Sovtek EL84 tubes and I find them very enjoyable. I was looking at the Gold Lion EL84s as a possible tube rolling experiment in the future.