front ported speakers with ribbon tweeters?

Can someone recommend a good set of floor standing front ported speakers with ribbon tweeters? Thanks.
Not sure what kind of money your talking, but for around $1.5K or less used the Legacy-Audio Classics are front ported, full range floorstanders, that use ribbon tweeters. A lot of speaker at there used prices.
acoustic zen adagios?
All Reimer speakers are front ported and have ribbon tweeters.
I second the AZ Adagio's. Heard them at RMAF and really liked them. They just produced a larger version of that speaker. I don't recall the name.

Also you might want to take a look at salk sound. J Salk design speakers that are front or rear ported. Some of the best wood crafted speakers i've seen in the industry.
If you're looking for front ported speakers because you plan on placing the speaker near a wall, you should be specifically looking for in or on-wall designs with cross-overs designed for that placement.

Speakers designed for free-standing use will have too much low frequency output from the lower midrange on down when placed near a wall.

If you only have a couple feet of room you should be looking for in-wall (on-wall if that's not possible) designs because with that little room reflections off the front-wall will still be fairly loud compared to the direct sound and arriving shortly after it thus interfering with both frequency response and imaging. With in and on-wall designs there aren't really separate reflections.
The VMPS 30 uses a bottom facing passive radiator that is vented to the front.
Here's an off the beaten path recommendation. Try the Newform Research speakers. Not ported, but sealed. Odd looking, but great midrange and image well. I had the old Module 30's in my system. These needed a sub, but the newer models can do well without one. These are excellent speakers.
Ever consider a custom loudspeaker