Freezer Cryoed Cables...

Hi all, you can get about the effect as Cryoed treatments by putting your cables or components in the Freezer for 24 hours and then put them in the refrigerator for one or two hours.........this REALLY works!!! Try this with the cables you have now.......Try this for yourself and see if you "hear a difference"............Richard
Thanks for the laugh! I assume that this IS a joke!
I boiled mine with great results! amp won't fit in the freezer. What if I put it outside this winter - I live in buffalo, ny. Maybe I could start a cryo business for low iq agoners....

call: (1/800 - dumbass) if interested
Rpatrick, I set up my complete system in the freezer. The amp sits atop the ice cube trays, the CD transport is wedged between two 14oz boneless sirloins and a box of Green Giant Broccoli florets. I keep a 16lb honey glazed ham on top of the transport to dampen structure borne vibration.

And for so long I thought I was the only one doing this. It's refreshing to know that there are other audio enthusiasts who put their best foot forward and enjoy thinking outside of the icebox.

Next year I'm thinking of bi-amping and utilizing a pair of Sub Zeros.
THIS IS NOT A JOKE!!!........this REALLY DOES WORK!!!......I am doing my stereo components AND my circuit boards from my TV now.........I already did my satellite receiver and video cables..LOOKS GREAT NOW!........ Don"t take my word for this, try it for yourself.........(I put my components in a trash bag before putting them in the Freezer).......Richard
Maybe it is the time spent in the trash bag. What brand?
A freezer cannot cool any metal enough to alter its' molecular properties. You think it sounds better because you want it to sound better.
Actually to achieve DEEP Cryo in your freezer, dip the equipment in water before the Cryo treatment- this ensures the maximum value from freezing.

You'll find that any piece of electronics cryo'ed in this way will exhibit dead silence with no measurable distortion.
The fact that the freezer works just as well as liquid nitrogen for Rpatrick, tends to support my belief that it's all in your head.

You made me laugh so hard I had a seizure.

Stop that,
While im at it ill put my Definitve Tech in the ice box.
Lots of jokes and wise-cracks,

Richard was telling you what he did and what he heard, how about cutting our fellow AudiogoN'er some slack??
I agree. Wet the X-250 first, it'll freeze much faster. That's the whole secret to deep immersion cryoing. Works wonders on profylactics.
I am with Bbenn. A little Slappy here and a little Jax2 there brings some levity to the proceedings, but the wholesale slaughter seen here is too much. I don't know how long lived his results are going to be, but why doubt he is hearing these improvements unless you've tried it for yourself?

Thsalmon's assessment that Rpatrick is hearing improvement because he wants to is the most condescending comment I think I've read on these boards.
Cryo sucks but this thread is great!! Go Busics2
I believe that what was not stated was the the freezer was located in a tank of liquid nitrogen. This must be the hidden step. It's soooo difficult to have your freezer be at -320F. Oh, to be the lucky man who's is!

I'm jealous.
Boy, you guys sure are tense! Sure Slappy, Marco, and myself included make wisecracks all the time regardless of the seriousness of the topic. But the way this thread was written and followed up by the author sounds like an old Soupy Sales gag to make kids do something they aren't supposed to.

"Hey little kiddies out there in TV land. You know those green pieces of folding paper your mommy keeps in her purse? Well, take a few of them out and send them to yer ol' Uncle Soupy at this address..."

I think what most people are responding to is the notion of taking one of their own $1000 interconnects and putting it next to the frozen red snapper and Jolly Green Giant green beans.
Be real JEALOUS..........I am enjoying music more and more now..........And the best part.......It did not COST me anything!!!.......Give it a try and enjoy your music more!............Richard
Your not enjoying more music unless you're listening to vinyl!!!!
Why the references to Slappy? He hasn't even posted in this thread yet.

Frankly, I'm hoping he does, because his response will probably be the most entertaining yet.

Come on Slappy- say something!
Sorry, Rpatrick. I didn't realize that you were serious. My chief concern is that you weren't accounting for the inevitable condensation that would result. But apparently you've created freezer ready "Seal-A-Sound" (couldn't resist!) by wrapping it in plastic. I would urge you to throw in those little desiccating silica packets, then let the item sit sealed for a day, so that moisture is further eliminated. Quite frankly, I can't see how cryo'ing at freezer temperature could possibly make a difference, and the unnecessary risk of condensation would certainly remove this from my list of tweaks.

I must be spending too much time at Audio Asylum as I was more than a little tweaked by Thsalmon's comment. Good-natured humor is great, tired platitudes are, well, tired platitudes.

I'll try an' chill some homey. :-)
The improvement may be caused by simply removing and replacing the cables. I found this to be very effective - I assume it cleans something off the connections which builds up slowly over time and gradually degrades the sound without your noticing.

It seems unlikely that freezing them would make much difference, but I've heard other tweeks that I didn't think would work work. Many cables probably get frozen brand new in box in transport to the store, if they are shipped during the winter.
On the other side of the coin, what about cryoed cables/outlets/tubes that are shipped to hot climate areas in the heat of the summer. Does the molecular structure of the metal conductors revert back to their pre-cryo state? Do folks pay extra for expedited shipping in dry ice???
I have lots of experience with real cryo. That being said, I have never placed any of my equipment or wire in the freezer. What I have done, previous to any cryo of wire in my system, is throw CD's into the freezer for a few days (ie. 24-48 hours). For those willing to try this, I think you many of you will be surprised at audible improvements. The question is whether this "treatment" has the staying power, or the total effect, of real cryo. IMHO it does not, but throwing CD's into the freezer is something that anyone can do at any time, and this is a tweak that has actually been discussed in different forums for at least a few years. So my suggestion to the skeptics would be at least to try some "frozen" CD's and then report back.
Hdm, this cd tweak does it leave condensation on the disc as it warms up? I have heard of this tweak for years, yet never gave it a try. The moisture thought just came to mind.
I have to admit that about 15 years ago, I put a B&K amp in the refrigerator for a few days (wrapped in plastic of course). I let it sit at room temp for a day before hooking it up. I have to admit that the sound did change for a few days, but it did revert back to its original sound. I think it had something to do with the grease in the caps.

As far as freezing cables goes, there might be a short term change in sound. Maybe, it effects the dialectic in the jacket. I doubt that it's a long term change. A lot of tweeks in this hobby escape explination.

I keep my dope in the freezer. It keeps it fresh.
That's why equipments produced in the cold Skandinavia sound much better than those produced in hot Taiwan.
You made me think of something, PRPixel. Maybe if there are foam dielectrics in the cable, freezing causes the little air bubbles to contract. Maybe it takes a few days for the plastic to fully recover even after reaching room temperature. Out there for sure. I doubt I will bother trying frozen, much less cryod, anything any time soon, though. Just a bit too tweaky for me.
Diana Krall now sounds Fridgit, & my CD smells Fishy :0)~
Audiobugged: Yes, there will be condensation on the CD as it warms up, but it will be gone in about 15-20 minutes. The frozen CD tweak is easy enough to try; in my opinion the results are subtle (mainly a slightly smoother, less strident presentation), and are not particularly long lasting. Real cryo of CD's will give a more noticeable improvment-can't really argue that it is any longer lasting with the skeptics because of "aural memory" issues, etc. etc. but I do have CD's cryoed. May try some vinyl in the future.
I'm a musician and recently starting browzing a trumpet forum and have read that some professional musicians are cryoing their trumpets with good results. It's amazing how much musicians and audiophiles have in common.
Based on Onhwy61 and Eldartford's recommendations, I stuck my head in the freezer, and I swear my stereo sounds different now. I'm looking for a warmer sound, though.
Audiobugged, it could be worse. Your CDs could sound frigid and Diana Krall could smell fishy.

That would suck.
Hi all, this is safe to do if you do it the right way, it is best to wait a day or so before hooking back out your components, I waited only two hours, everything working OK, its been a week now. A friend of mine did his whole system about two months ago, everything working great. For components its best to use (two trash bags)..........I put my video cables back in the freezer for another 24 hours, my TV looks even better now so its better if you treat them for 48 hours. Start by freezing your CD's first to see how you like it.............Enjoy your music more.......Richard
Richard, do you have any impession yet as to whether the effect will be lasting?
Wellfed, my friend did his system about two months ago, so this freezer tweak lasts for two months and the effect is about the same. I don't know how long the effect will last, only time will tell how long the effect will last. But the best part is, it don't COST you anything to do it again when needed!!!...........Richard
Thanks Richard, keep us posted.
Why is this any sillier than:

- Pacing half-cut rubber balls under equipment;
- Painting CD edges green;
- Brass cones that drain energy (only brass - nothing else);
- $3,000 power cords;
- Cable cooking;

I'm sure there are other things to list that on their face sound ridiculous. But some people swear by them. So what? We can all sound off on technical reasons why THIS particular situation in untenable, but remember: most things that we find that work are often scoffed by electrical engineers and the like. And maybe they're right - what if what we hear is plausibly explained by psychiatrists than engineers/scientists? Perish the thought.
Treljia, get in all the listening you can before your head warms up, when it returns to room temperature all the benefits will be lost!

Now, the CD freezer thing is something I'd be willing to try. I stand to lose only 15 bucks if this doesn't work or my disc takes ona permanent fishy odor.

It also makes sense that since the temperature of a freezer can't even close to the molecular restructuring a cryo chamber can accomplish that the Frigid-Aire method would only be temporary.

Rpatrick, sorry for piling on the jokes, but look at it from our point of view. You've only been posting here for a month, and you don't have a virtual system to view, so we don't know if you're freezing Rat Shack cables or Nordost Valhallas. So when someone new comes in here telling us to put expensive gear in the freezer next to the Hungry Man Dinner, we're gonna wonder.

I'll give the CDs a try though.

Buscis2, Audiobugged really likes the fishy stuff, heheh.

Sherod, I've been hearing about musicians cryoing stuff for years, so there must be something there. Are you gonna send your wife's Alvarez out for deep immersion? LOL. How've you been?!
Hey Norbert,

You have a problem with Taiwan? I'd let you know that I am from Taiwan, and the stereo equipment made in Taiwan are crap. But you didn't have to point it out and hurt my nationalistic pride!

Really, eventhough molecular structure in metal doesn't change at normal freezing point, metal is maleable and would respond physically to changes in tempurature.

I've said this before and I will say it again. We need an audiophile subzero fridge to store all our stereo and software. Not only will it keep things frozen, but the fridge can shield the system from airborn interference.

BTW, did anyone see this Japanese drama where this lady cut her husband's head off and store it in her freezer? She was later caught cuz the neighbors got curious as they can hear her fighting with her husband everynight, yet her husband had been missing for months. Turns out the husband had an affair... so she made sure he couldn't do it again.
Nahhh Ed, but I saw the one where the Japanese prostitute cut off her lovers schweeenn and carried it in her hand around town.

Whooa. I just involuntarily flinched.

Gs5556, my apprehension revolves around the possible damage this experiment might result in. Especially coming from someone new to the forum. Now if it were Sean suggesting this, I wouldn't be reacting this way. And I agree, some of the unmeasured improvements or sonic changes we perceive with tweaks may be psychological. Us car enthusiasts like to refer to this as the Butt-Dyno. :•)
Hi all, this Freezer tweak works and it WILL NOT DAMAGE your components if you do it the right way..........This is a great TWEAK and its FREE!........Give it a will thank me for telling you about this GREAT TWEAK when you try it!!!.........Richard
My Hearing Aids sound awesome after 6 hours in the Freezer!
Damn, looks like i already missed out on all the fun! Where the hell was i? Oh Yeah, thats right, i was getting played like a chump by this chick i recently met at the bar and hanging out with this dude i met with a skull tattooed on the back of his head. What a night.

Ya know, it gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling when people tell me to knock it off and i aint even posted in the thread yet! Obviously my reputation is starting to preceed me. ;)

Come on everyone, without the likes of us this place would be a lot less entertaining. :)
Good to hear from you, Gunbei. Actually I was going to cry-o the guitar but at the least minute I cryo'd my wife instead. Very expensive, but well worth it. She sits lovingly next to me when I'm doing some serious listening.(It's been a couple of weeks now and there's a foul odor coming from her. I think I waited too long to put her in the freezer for her 48 hour re-freeze. No more nagging,though.. Speaking of nagging, that reminded me of a joke: A guy asked me if my wife was a nagger. I said' " No, she's a white girl."
Whoa, Sherod, dangerously close to the edge...

Cryoing my hip boots makes wading through the BS much easier.
SLAPPY, you got slapped again? Didn't you just have a nasty split-up a few months ago? It COULD have been worse if you got stinkin' drunk, and woke up the following morning with the tattooed DUDE in your bed, and got caught by his parole officer!
Slappy, if you are referring to my post, re-read it and you will see I clearly wasn't telling you to "knock it off". But now that you mention it, you have to admit that if we all acted like you we wouldn't get much done around here, now would we? ;-)