Focal sopra 3 better than scala utopia v2 I heard.

I heard from a Focal dealer the reason the Scala V2 was replaced with the new Scala evo V3 was because the Sopra 3 was better than the V2. I’ve also seen a few new V2’s now being sold for $19999. Sopra 3 retail price. Any thoughts on this I’m looking to purchase a pr of S3’s.
I've not heard the Sopra 3 but in a direct comparison between Sopra 2 and Scala V2 the Scala was head and shoulders better in every respect.  Double the price yes but HUGE performance jump. Refinement, resolution and transparency, soundstage image and bass performance.  Tried through Audio Research Ref 150SE and ARC pre as well as SIM Audio and Devialet, all with top end Nordost cabling.  If you've the $$$ it's an easy choice.  

With the Evo coming out there's some real good deals on Scala V2's - which wont depreciate anything like the Sopra 3 - just look at the price of 2's to see.

The Scala 2's are one of the very best out there at their original price, let alone discounted.
Listen to the Magico A3
No, absolutely not  Magico isn’t better either. Scalia V2 Utopia is a fantastic speaker. 
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I've owned the Sopra 2 and Sopra 3, now I own a set of Scala V2's and they are a huge step up over the Sopras
According to upscale (FWIW)  they bought every last pair of Scala V2 and are selling them for 20k. I assume other dealers still have their stock. 
I’ve gone from Wilson Audio Sasha (v1) to Sopra 2 and I must say I’m impressed.  The imaging, and depth of the stage, clarity and speaker disappearing are better than the Sashas in my 14 by 21 by 10 room w bass and first reflection treatments and driven by my ARC ref 75 amp and ref 3 pre. (I tried w the 150se, both, and preferred the 75 w kt150s.). However, I do feel the sounds is slightly less warm (a bit more silver than gold illumination) than the Sashas, and the bass is not as deep, dynamic, or textured w the Sopra 2.  I’m wondering how the Sopras compare to the Scala V2 in the areas above and any other further insights. Thanks!
I would love to hear other/more thoughts on the Sopra 3.
I ended up selling my entire audio room, and now rebuilding and torn between getting some Sopra 3s or another pair of Sahsa 1s. We love the Sasha, and love the Scala. We thought the Sopra 2s were great but not enough bass/air moving. I can’t swing the Scala Evo, and it seems Scala v2s are a rare thing on a-gon.
Any thoughts?