Anyone ever heard Escalante Fremont mk. 2 ?

I've ever owned Fremont mk. 1 then sold them last year since looking for something better .
After using & listening to other new models up to $20k - 50k , Fremont still come to my memory .

Do anyone ever listen to Escalante Fremont mk. 2 ?
How's the opinion compare to mk. 1 ?
I'm thinking to buy again if mk. 2 have marginal improvements.

I haven't heard from Matt Waldron in a while but I understand that they did slightly mod the crossover and added extra insulation inside. No Mk II version I am aware of exists.
Please check their website : .
They offer x-over & mechanical upgrades for original Fremont since January this year .
Upgrade consists of : new capacitors , new loading resistor in tweeter circuit & applying non porous material in the cabinet.
That sounds like what he told me. I was supposed to have this done to mine several months ago but plans changed, if you get it done let me know how it changed them and I will do the same.