Flying Mole Amps

Anyone heard the big M-310 mono blocks? Opinions? Have class D amps caught up with class A/B or class A? Roy Johnson of Green Mountain Audio tells me these are very good. Good enough to power his entire line of speakers at CES this year. I trust Roy's opinion, but i'm looking for other opinions on these amps. Anyone heard them?
I auditioned the Flying Mole monoblock amps at the Denver AudioFest for approx 30 minutes. They impressed me very much for sounding . . . singularly average. I did not hear anything terrible or offensive from them, but I was not hearing any stirring music from them either. They reminded me a little of some good mass market amps of a couple of decades ago. . . slightly sizzly and pyrotechnically inclined, but ultimately not satisfying to my ears.
What happened to the MOLE sized prices????

das loon
Thanks for your comments. I appreciate them.