Andre Rieu :The Flying Dutchman

I saw this show on our local PBS station over the weekend. I was extremely impressed with his music, the sound quality and the HD picture. This will be released on DVD & CD on 9/27/05. I'm going to order the DVD.

In doing a net search, I found many DVD & CD's by him. Other than this release, what other DVD or CD would be a must have of his music?

Also, what other Classical artist am I missing that should be in my music collection? I have a very limited exposure to this music style and I’ve always wondered I am missing.

His "Tuscany" dvd is fantastic!!! I also saw the Flying Dutchman, and Tuscany beats it hands down. La Vie Est Belle is also great, done in Berlin.
In a seperate vein, check out Russell Watson's dvd, done in New Zealand. This guy is superb! I have all his cd's, he's that good!
Musical therapy: It's wonderful that your interested in classical music! Start with some Mozart and Beethoven. My guess is that once you get into to those composers and hear some great performances, you will never want to listen to Andre Rieu again. :)

There are some compilation CDs that would be a good place to start. I don't know any of them, but an Amazon search would turn something up.
one of the best is At Royal Albert Hall and my favourite is La vie est Belle.