Best wireless headphones for flying

I have a pair of B&W's but they are heavy and make my head hurt after an hour or so.

Looking for something more compact and light in weight- but still good sound


If you haven't already, you might want to post this in the 'Headphones' section as well..... 

Didn't Focal or somebody just recently put out portable noice-canceling headphones? I just saw a review on YouTube, but I don't remember exactly what it was....

Bose QuietComfort. I hate Bose for mimicking a high end audio company. But they got these right. While they are a little cartoonish in sonic presentation they are the right thing for travel. I have tried dozens of headphones, earphones, portable amps, portable DACs in every combination over a million miles in the skys. Just buy a pair, put them on when entering the airport… no music… turn on music from your iPhone when inclined… take off at destination.

The noise associated with flying destroys the detail and dynamics of high fidelity. The Bose are designed to deliver a satisfying although simplified rendition of reality in a highly silenced environment. They are incredibly comfortable. Look in Business Class… 1/2 the folks may have them. There is a reason.

Watched a John Darko review of the Apple AirPod Pro 2’s (not the originals) today. Highly complementary, and stated how comfortable they are. For flying, they would make a great compact solution IMO.

I’m and Apple guy, but have never been attracted or impressed with their ‘ear buds’, and such. But, may have to reconsider that stand after watching his review.

The new Focal Bathys are pretty amazing, and comfortable/light to boot. They are also very pretty (visually), which doesn't hurt.

Sony Bluetooth Noise canceling.  I have worn them comfortably on a plane for 3 hours or more, but then again I have been told that I have a very fat head

Recently purchased a pair of B&O Beoplay HX headphones. Using the Bluetooth connection they sound, and look, wonderful to me. Very comfortable to wear and at $500, a real bargain IMHO. Recently tried them on a plane, the noise cancelling option works extremely well.

Not headphones, but for flying I used Shure IEM.  They have noise isolation due to their fit.  Headphones are too big to pack and carry.  

Focal Bathys - that's what I was thinking of. Mark Levinson also has noise-canceling headphones....

of the many i've heard the sony xm5 (or their predecessor the xm4) are probably the best combo of comfort, tech and sound