Flux HiFI Electronic Stylus Cleaner

I treated myself to the Flux HIFI electronic stylus cleaner.  I knew I had to get over the $150 price tag and just give it a try--I can always return it to Music Direct.  

Well, the thing works as advertised.  The result in sound quality was surprising.  Even though I thought I had great cartridge hygiene, the Flux shows me my methods are not as good as I thought.  

I highly recommend this product if you enjoy vinyl.  I have to think in addition to sound quality I would see a better stylus life and less record wear.  
I have enjoyed the Flux HIFI for over a year.  I use it about every 30 albums, not for each play.  Still use a good stylus brush for each album side.
I've owned a Signet SK305 electronic cleaner since the mid-1980's, and it have serve me well over the years.  I don't recall the price I paid - probably about $30.00 or so.
FYI, at the end -of - year Music Direct sales, they always offer this at $50.00 off. 
Thanks Slaw!!  That's a deal.  Simple yet effective and overpriced device, which really gets the stylus clean.
Yup, it really works. The vibrating bristle pad gives some audiophiles the creeps, but I've never had an issue with it.