Hand-cranked LP cleaner

I own and use a Allsop 33 hand-cranked record cleaner...

Spray cleaning pad/brush with some cleaning solution - insert pin in record center and start swirling around - after a few rotations the LP is reasonably clean & sounds better than before...

I do wish I can get my hands on a automatic cleaning machine.

What did you use before you got a delux record washer?

Dewald Visser
Build your own! Old record player,Vacuum cleaner ( with crevice tool ) ,put them in a small cabinet.Make your own record cleaning liquid and buy a new brush ( $30 ) and your on your way.......Have to spin by hand but cleans just as good and vacuum works just like an expensive machine...Who needs an expensive machine when you can build one for around $50 .....You can always buy an old high torque motor turntable and have it spin for you too.....
I'm still using my manually operated DIY RCM after 3 years. Mine sounds very similar to Thorman's. These kinds of DIY RCM's are every bit as effective as the VPI RCMs and I dare say the megabuck Clearaudio and AcousTech RCMs. This is my solution until/if I decide to purchase a Loricraft. It's the fluids and vaccum that do the real work. With all respect to Thorman, I don't think it's worth trying DIY cleaning solutions. Products like Record Research Labs, Bugtussel, and Audio Intelligent cleaners are very effective, safe to use, and cost just pennies per cleaning. I use the cheap VPI brushes for the dirty, first cleanings and the Mobile Fidelity brushes for second cleanings. And, by all means, get the Mister Clean Magic Eraser for keeping the stylus clean after each play.