Flexible power cable

I am looking for very flexible power cables that sound good too.

I have some tight spots and I have been using PS Audio cable to great affect from a sound standpoint but it's just too damn inflexible. I need something that can take a 90 turn in a small radius without a problem.

The Cardas Golden Reference is both flexible and sounds great. Jallen
Check out the Blue Circle cables
I second Jallen's post Cardas Golden Ref.
My Blue Circle BC62 power cord is very flexible. Quite a contrast from my other Virtual Dynamics cords. The Acoustic Zen Tsunami was somewhere in between, probably closer to the Blue Circle in ease of use.
One of the very best power cords, the Omega Mikro, is also the most flexible. Care must be taken in what it touches, however, and it is expensive.
Pure Note Sigma. I can bend it almost 90* and up against the wall (no damage). Excellent sonics too.
The Omega Mikro and MappleShade are the most flexible ( used the copper foil technology.) but not sure how safe it is ( also $$$ )
silent source high current power cord
ANY power Cord that's flexible is very very likely to be made of multistranded wire which is a poor choice for any audio application due to increased EMI in a multistranded wire. The best designs are those that use solid core wires but that means they are going to be less flexible. However, they sound far better than ANY multistranded cable! So if you are looking for how a cable "feels" then try the flexible , multistranded (ultimately much cheaper wire), designs. But if good sound is what you are looking after then consider solid- corte wire cables
You just totally ignore the fact that "foil technology" does exist. From Allen Wright's "Super cable" cook book, the foil technogy is his believe as the ultimate cable design. Both Omega Mikro and MappleShade use similar method to manufacture their cable. As mentioned, they're the most flexible but "fragile".
Audience powerChords!
The Omega Mikros are NOT multistrand. They are ribbons. Certainly cheap cables are all multistrand, but I am not certain all multistrands sound poor. I have not heard any good ones, however.
Michael Wolff cords might be the most flexible next to the Omega/Mapleshade cords.
I have 6 ft. Alexcable 10 AWG power cord. Great sounding and really flexible.
Good luck!