First turntable advice

I've always just used digital but would like to start playing vinyl although I expect to keep primary focus with digital. Since I really know nothing about turntables I want something novice friendly that will sound decent with my system. Generally I prefer used but don.t know if that is practical.
System details:
Marsh 400 amp, audio research ls26 preamp, MIT shotgun cables, proac d38 speakers,simaudio 3.3 cd
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Pro-ject Carbon Debut at $399 is the usual suspect, decent arm with decent cartridge included.
Agree with Schubert. Pro-ject Carbon Debut is a "plug and play" TT that comes with a good tonearm and an Ortofon cartridge. It comes to you already set up.
I added a turntable to my system after about 20 years of not having one. I had first picked up a used Denon direct drive off of eBay, which lasted about a year before the motor died. I purchased a Pro-ject Debut Carbon turntable, Musical Fidelity V-LPS phono stage, and the acrylic platter upgrade. All in, the cost was about $650 all new. It is a nice piece of gear, the included cartridge sounds good, the purchase was a smart one. The only thing I miss from my turntables growing up are the auto start and auto return features. Other than that, it will serve you well.

Stay with your preference to buy used. Turntable rigs are popular so there is a wider audience for upgradeitis. You didn't state your budget but, whatever it is, you will get more for your money used, here on Audiogon. If practical, buy locally so that you can audition the setup. Check the synergy between table, arm and cartridge. Again, this is most apparent during audition. Also, if you buy locally you can carry it home yourself versus trusting common carriers. Don't be surprised if your focus changes from digital to analog.
Don't buy used, you already said you know nothing about turntables, buy a new one with cartridge already installed.

A new $299 TT with cart correctly installed will sound better than the best one in the world without the cartridge correctly installed, and the chance in buying a used table set-up right is one in 10.
If you have a limited budget or don't trust your own ears, then by all means, follow Schubert's advice.
Thanks for the advice. I'm still debating. How would pro-ject carbon debut compare to rega p6 with rega cartridge. Obviously much more expensive
Night and day Narunner2, night and day. There is no fair comparison between the two. Instead, you may want to compare Rega RP1 with the Carbon Debut.

Personally, I prefer Rega but that's my opinion and not yours.

Either one will pair well with your equipment provided your set-up is spot on.

I second Schubert's advice, visit a local dealer, trust your ears, and buy a new one.

Happy listening!
Project would sound better IF you put a better cart like a Nagoka, Denon etc. Rega probaly would if you did the same. Its your money.
IMO Rega carts are dogs.
I'd vote for used Technics 1200 MK2 or you can purchase new with mods from It's undisputed built quality, ease of set-up, fully adjustable. Moreover it will never drop the price, because it's legendary.
Is there a Rega P6? There's an RP6 and a P5. The P5 is a very good TT for an analogue novice. But you would be buying that unit used, so it's a risky move, unless you know the history of the unit or if it's a dealer demo.

One piece of advice from my experience, you should start off with a MM cartridge, then the TT would really be "set it and forget it." And I would not recommend a Rega cart; very high output and hard to match with a basic phono stage (phono preamp). There are many other carts that perform better and are less expensive.