Finally got to hear the new Vandersteen Kēnto's with the

Vandy MP5-HP mono bocks.  The cables were William Tell and Hurricane power cords.  Pre amp was an Audio Research ref 6.  They used the mid size Innuos server along with the AMG Oribt?  turntable.

I was not expecting what I heard. I've heard the amps before and they are special.  I won't go into other amps that I like, but these are as good or better in this system.  I"m talking about amps that are in the under 40k range.  Yes, I said it and it's no hyperbole. Everyone who was there said the same thing.  They are made for the speakers, but it's an amazing amp that I can' wait to hear full range on other speakers.  A buddy of mine who has them at his shop says that he often shows them with other speakers as they are so good.  I haven't heard them with anything but Vandy's, so I can't go there.

The speakers....where to start?  These are NOT my Quatro's with a couple of extra 9" aluminum drivers and a great looking plinth....NO, these are NOT the 5CT's they are replacing in the line.  Technically the tweeter is from the outgoing 5's, but they are nearly identical to the 7's.  The mid is the unit used in the 62k 7's and the mid bass unit if from my Quatro's.

I can't get Into all the technical stuff that Richard was sharing, but I know what my ears heard.  The bass doesn't have the quantity of the outgoing 5's, but the quality is off the charts.  Add a couple of the subs for 5k total and you will be able to fill most any size room.  Personally, there was PLENTY of bass adn the sound was full, rich and DEEP....Teh bass lines in some of the songs has my stomach growling, lol.  There was that Vandy 7 Magic in the mids.  Guys, you need to hear these to appreciate them.

Richard and Brad shared so much about what has gone into these speakers and although they aren't like other companies who tout military grade components and Vcaps or Vishay or.....  They are using very expensive components in these things.  Richard hand makes the carbon cones and has the drivers made to his specs.  The finish was in a very metallic copper color.  I have my Quatro's in Audi Havana Black, but after seeing these, I'd have done that finish or the Bentley Crimson color (forget the name)... You can chose any auto paint color or any of the exotic veneer's.  All are the same price (37k or so).

I'm not going to say that these are better than the competition, but they are very special and will probably sell well.  Don't let the beautiful cabinet and smaller size fool you, these are a must audition.  I think most will like them a lot even if you love other brands.  IT just plays music.
I was in the same room with you! Yes they are something special. When I put on my Dvorak violin concerto LP, I knew that this was good. To my ears, the Kēnto and M5HPA combo, plus the fine upstream source components, put on a very even, smooth and full sounding presentation with absolutely no harshness in the strings. There was real weight not just in the bass but throughout the upper bass and lower midrange. The highs were clear and detailed. My M5-HPAs should arrive in a couple of weeks. They will drive my 5AC’s.
I agree Peter, the Kento's were very good. I don't know who set up the speakers, but I think the subs were a bit on the 'heavy' side. 

I also concur with the paint job on those speakers. That red was very nice.
Can we speak about those William Tell and Hurricane cords?
That was one of the most amazing auditions I have ever had.
Oh, that was your LP? I loved it. Who was the soloist and orchestra?
It was Nathan Milstein playing the Dvorak violin concerto with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra from 1957, a Capital LP reissue by Cisco. It’s one of my best. The Glazunov violin concerto is on side 2.
I took a look at those speaker cables. I know I can’t afford them after ponying up for those amps! I will see how my Anticables do. I thought they were just fine when I demoed those same amps a few months ago.
Glad y’all had fun, I was a continent away listening to 7’s and learning about some new to me 45 rpm music...

gdnrbob - as you know w Vandersteen IF the bass is up w whisker much, easy to change level and contour and away ya go ! 
@earthtones congrats on amps, your cables are quite competent, upgrade in due time
you got the bones of the system spot on !!! Join us on the what’s on your turntable thread over in the music section
I promised Bob my William Tells as I'm going to possibly bite the bullet and upgrade to William Tell silver!  Please someone talk me out of this.... LOL... Garth's new cables and cords are just sick good.  Best cables at any price that I've ever had in my system and that includes the Odin's an other very high priced cables and cords.  
I was with ctsooner when we auditioned the cables. He is spot on.
AQ has some serious cables coming out.