FEQ and Schumann Devices

According to Synergistic, you should not use their FEQ in conjunction with any Schumann generators. I love what (2) Scumanns bring to my room and have not tried the FEQ due to this. Has anyone else experimented with both technologies?
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I started with 1 Schumann, then 2. I enjoyed the small improvements they made, then tried the FEQ. The FEQ was about twice as effective in my system. Both require a lot of experimentation in finding the best location. I discovered that my FEQ works best located between my speakers and about 3 feet high and a couple feet out from the wall. Adding 2-3 sets of Synergistic HFTs brought out even more soundstage improvements. I also tried using both the FEQ and Schumanns together, and the FEQ did seem to work best on its own. They are expensive, but once I lived with them for a while, there was no taking them out. I got a bit of upper high frequency roll-off with the Schumanns, but they did improve the soundstage.
Thanks. Already have the HFT's and they are amazing. I guess like he FEQ a shot.