Favorite Headphone Stands - What do you look for?

With a new baby in the house, my headphone collection seems to be growing. I've been adding some headphone stands to my various listening stations but I haven't found any that really wow me. There are lots of cheap options on Amazon and more bespoke offerings on Etsy but nothing is really jumping out at me. 

Do you have a favorite stand? What kind of features do you look for (weight, cable management, aesthetics, adjustability, etc.)? 

Much like in the other components in my system I appreciate things that are solid and well made. Just doesn't feel right trusting my expensive cans to a rickety stand.  

I'm interested to hear what the community thinks. 
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I have two of Woo Audios HPS-T stands that I love. They are fairly heavy and aesthetically pleasing. Not cheap and rare to find used though (but that is kind of a good thing).
Thanks kid-vic, that looks like a solid option.