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Responses from f208frank

What are the best bang for the buck on higher end headphones?
Abyss TC 
Do audiophiles have a high divorce rate?
Five years here, still going. 
In ear? vs. On/over ear? Your experience
For me over ear always sounds better than in ear.I went extreme TOTL for in ear set up and just was not satisfied due to limitations of IEMS. Just my opinion but some people love in ears.IEMs did improve a lot over the years.I had the u18t, sp2000... 
“Never thought I’d use headphones”
No room correction needed. 
Favorite Headphone Stands - What do you look for?
Quest perch. 
Best headphone under 10k$
1266 for me... 
TOTL Headphone Amps
Wa33 Elite by woo audio 
Visiting audio stores?
Some dealers are amazing people but a few are definitely bad apples.My experiences detailed below:1. I made it clear starting out I care only for 2 channel. Dealer insisted surround sound receiver in case in future I wanted to add surround. Come t... 
Anyone else grateful that they got hooked on this crazy addiction
I feel that way too, being lucky to listen to music on five figure set ups. I know many would not be able to afford and would think I’m crazy. At the same time though I realize there are people with six figure systems and I feel no jealousy whatso... 
Synergistic Research Cable Risers?
Also their products are grossly inflated in price I felt... 
Synergistic Research Cable Risers?
For some reason, I could be wrong but I was always extra weary of SR. I demoed their speaker cables and all this blue filter red filter add on stuff gave me a snake oil ish impression. 
What are the best Room Accustic Treaments members have found?
Might finally give GIK a go now.... been wanting to but was lazy. 
What do I need to start Streaming Music thru my Audio System
Second the blue sound node as a starter device with good results. 
Do female audiophiles exist
Yes they do exist. Jana is a good example. She has YouTube channel and she got to listen to a million dollar system and documented.  
Streaming? I know nothing about it, questions as to sound.
I feel a good server slash streamer is essential to streaming quality.Bluesound Node can be a starter device.