Extending speaker wire?

Hi all,

I have a set of speaker cables, unterminated, that are not quite long enough for the intended purpose. I have another, shorter set of the same cable lying around as well. Is it ok to simply braid or solder these cables together, creating a longer run of cable? It seems to good to be true, but I thought I'd ask the experts.

Nah... rather get a run of cable that will "fit" where you need to use it. Solder joints can degrade sound (I know that all electronic gear are filled with solder joints but it doesnt hurt to keep it to a minimum).
Thanks for the response. This is a 30-ft run of cable, and I'd rather not spend hundreds on a new set. This is a mid-fi setup, so perhaps I can worry a little less about the slightly degraded sound quality. Or might the difference be really significant? Anything wrong with just braiding the wires and forgetting about the solder?
In a mid-fi setup I can't imagine that you would hear the slightest degradation, IF you both braid and solder, properly (and then insulate, of course, using shrink tubing or at least electrical tape). If you just braid, even if you did it well enough to assure good contact over an adequate surface area, integrity of the contact would likely degrade over time due to oxidation.

-- Al
i've braided and taped speaker cables together many times with no discernible effect. (i'm sure the purists will shudder).
I think Loomisjohnson hit on it. Try it. Determine for yourself if you like the sound. What an outrageous concept - trusting your own ears. You have nothing to lose by trying.
Thanks all - I'll try this and report back.
Keep in mind that the first rule of proper soldering is "heat the part, not the solder."

If you heat the braided joint, and then touch the solder to it, the solder will flow and distribute itself properly. If, as many inexperienced people might be tempted to do, you heat the solder as you are holding it against the joint, the wire may not get hot enough to assure proper flow.

Good luck!

-- Al
Go ahead and braid them. You will not notice a difference.
Just keep the overall lenght the same for both left and right.
Agree with the above, as I've done it myself. There has been a lot of buzz about YARDMASTER GREEN outdoor power cord, with the end cut off and then used as speaker cable. A giant killer at a rediculously low price. You may want to try this. I am sure that other colors would work as well. Happy Listening.
Done - and all is well. The sound is acceptable. The family is appeased. Mission accomplished. Thanks, all, for the help.
Yes but the Yardmaster bekons. What other colors have they got. I think green is likely it? Don't you? What guage is it. I always think of PCs as being rather fat and thick. Perhaps best for a sub.
I second, a new pair rather then 'extended' fix. Try Home Depot for 12 gauge speaker cable. You will be amazed.