Experiences with McIntosh MEN220 Room Correction?

I'm having trouble with a sonically dead room, 15x15. Any one try the McIntosh MEN220 with good results?
Square rooms are often prone to serious standing wave/room mode problems. You may need to try asymmetric placement. EQ can usually take you only so far.
Room is not exactly square. Has some nooks that give it seven wall surfaces but mostly squarish. Ceiling goes from 9 to 15 feet in a continuing ascent. Have a lot of books on shelves that deaden the room. Have used asymmetrical speaker placement and still not getting what I should for the system running (McIntosh MA6600 integ amp, Dynaudio Confidence 1, JL Audio F112 sub). That's why I'm looking/hoping for the MEN220 to help.
Take a look on Audio Afficionado under the McIntosh folder - some discussions there about the MEN220.
The review on AA is very positive and very detailed. The MEN220 maps the room and then adjusts to take the room 'out of the equation'. I have just purchased one. When I found about the 220 and what it does it became a no brainer bang for the buck purchase. I will report back when I receive it and get it dialed in.
Dalecrommie: Can you discuss your experience with the MEN220 in terms of ease of use and performance? Many thanks in advance.
I bought a used MEN220 on Audiogon last year. It made mating my Magnepan 1.7's and Paradigm PW2200 subwoofers seamless. I suggest you get at least six room readings to get over 95% correction. I was surprised at how much more even the frequency response was and there was much more clarity from top to bottom. It also clarified the already great imaging thrown by the 1.7's - just listen to choirs singing. The Focus position is for single-person listening, and makes everything just snap into, well, focus!