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Bricasti M1 DAC vs PS Audio Direct Stream DAC
Ozzy, how are you connecting your 2 Amber Regens (just one to the other?). And can you give a link to the LPS you are using (if it isn't the stock power supply). Thanks. 
Tweaking the Magnepan 1.7s
Cartier450, What kind of pointers did you use? 
Any one compare Dynaudio C1 & Gallo Strada2?
Jdoris. Thanks.I will look into the Selah and Fritzpeakers, but tend to go to better known names, while perhaps not as good, have better re-sale. I've been burned on trying to re-sell obscure gear.The cost of the Strada2's is street about $1,300. ... 
Core Audio Server Ryan Mintz
About 2 year ago, I tried a linear power supply and a prototype DAC from Ryan and his Core Audio partner at the time, Ben from Mojo. Neither product met my expectations or that of other audiophile friends who heard them. I was able to get a refund... 
Core Audio Server Ryan Mintz
Look here: http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?icomp&1358211310&openfrom&1&4#1 
Quantum QRT QX4
Dcizmok, Have you had a chance to look inside a Schumann with a PCB and see if it's similar to the QX4? 
Quantum QRT QX4
Dcizmok, why not take a video and post it on youtube? Would be even better if you filmed your making your version. thanks. 
Quantum QRT QX4
Dcizmok, I have an Acoustic Revive 77 Schumann Resonance Generator and 4 Kemp SR (Schumann generators) and certainly they increase the sound stage tremendously. Have you had a chance to look inside a Schumann with a PCB and see if it's similar to ... 
HiDiamond Power cords...
Sabai, you had luck with the Bybee Goddess Speaker Bullets right? What did they give you that you didn't have with the SR Powercell?Also, did you ever try the Nordost Quantum Resonant products? QX4 and Qbase8, etc? 
Small speaker suggestions
Pioneer SP-BS41-LR 130 Watt RMS 2-Way Speakers (Pair). Read the reviews. Amazing. $190. Designed by TAD designer Andrew Jones. There's also a Sub -- Pioneer SW-8 100 Watt RMS Subwoofer System. 
Ted Denney, and Synergistic Research's Powercell
Rgs92: I also have SR Apex SW. What was your reason not to go with the SR Powercell and SR power cords?Nrostov: Justin: what is your gear currently?Thanks. 
Does a center channel have to match the front spke
Thanks for all the help. All excellent points. 
Any advantages to bi-wiring speakers vs. single
Danham, I was wondering whether to keep my JL Audio sub with the VR 33's? Do you get enough bass for eg, listening to jazz and rock? I don't listen to much pipe organ music so getting down to 20Hz is not an issue but a famous speaker designer and ... 
Mac Mini vs. Macbook Pro as a server
Herman, one of the advantages of an externalized power supply (linear or otherwise) is to cut down the heat generated in the computer which can a) cause the CPU to slow down, b) turn on the fan (s) if there is one, and c) cause the computer boards... 
Mac Mini vs. Macbook Pro as a server
Nolitan, is your Mac Mini modded - stripped of internal power supply? What power supply are you using? Have you stripped down the OS? Thanks.