Exemplar vs Modwright Oppo 95 Mods?

Has anyone compared these mods of the Oppo 95?
A comparison was performed at the Pacific Northwest Audio Society meeting. Among those who could hear the difference (around 2/3), I would say about 2/3 preferred the stock unit in the club's system.
Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, it doesn't help me, as my question was about comparing two different mods.
Peter_s, Could you elaborate a little more? A stock Oppo was compared to which modder's version?

33% of how many people did not hear a difference?

2/3 of 2/3 is about 44%, so almost half preferred the stock version and 23% preferred the modded version.

Was the listening done blind or did people know which version of the Oppo was playing? Did the group discuss the sound as music was played or did people vote before discussing the different versions?

Any additional information would be appreciated.
Good questions, Tomcy6. I'd also want to know how long people listened, whether they took breaks, whether the units were warmed up equally, etc. FWIW, I don't compare components over what I'm assuming was a relatively short period of time, however. I listen for days (or longer) before switching to an alternative for days (or longer). I have found making judgments based on relatively short listening sessions can be confusing, and prone to erroneous conclusions.

In any case, I'm still interested in the comparisions of the two different modifications stated in my original post. I've gotten feedback from "seasoned" audiophiles I trust about the modded 95s (although no one so far had done a specific comparison of Exemplar and Modwright). Everyone has been very happy (and some raved) about how much better the modded units sounded. I also have owned two modded Denons in the past. Those experiences made it obvious to me that mods can improve these less expensive units dramatically.
Sorry. Misread the thread. This was stock against Exemplar. In doing the statistics, I had just assumed that the 33% that couldn't hear the difference just didn't have good hearing, but that is not fair. No difference could be as valid a conclusion as liking one or the other. So 44% stock, 22% Exemplar, 33% no difference.
Oh, and the comparison was blind, and a show of hands was made before discussing.
Hi Peter s

Can you say anything about what differences people (or you) heard between the stock and modded players?

Jfz, I have only heard the Oppo 95 with and without the Exemplar mods. Everyone in the room immediately said the moded unit was best. Were I to buy a universal player, it would be the Exemplar moded Oppo 95. I use a Mac Mini music server.
I heard a John Tucker modified Shanling CDP about 7 years ago, and it was the most analog sounding unit I had heard at that time. Not a hint of digital artifact.

The next meeting of the Pacific Northwest Audio Society should include an Audiologist....
I own both an exemplar oppo SE and an exemplar 2900. Love them both!
I guess now the question should be which has a better sounding Oppo 105. I have the Exemplar/Oppo 105 now. It sounds great.
I have owned both the stock Oppo 105 and John's latest T105. Anyone who cannot hear a difference must have really bad hearing. The stock unit is okay but sound receiver like. The T105 sounds like high end gear.