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High Powered Holographic Amplifiers
I stand by my comment. 
High Powered Holographic Amplifiers
The Ref 610 isn’t as much of a heat generator as people think they are. With no air conditioner upgrades, it only raises the ambient temp in the room a few degrees. You have to actually own them to know what I mean.The cables aren't the issue.  Th... 
VTL with KT120 tubes
They would tell you the heater windings in the transformers are inadequate and might possibly damage the transformers.  So, no, not me.  But the KT90 designs of VTL and Manley, on the other hand, are begging to be run with KT120s. 
Power switch for VTL MB125 power swich
I got the part number off of the part and found one on ebay.  maybe try digikey?I know VTL wants to help, give them another email and Im sure they will be there for you. 
My recent experience in PayPal dispute
I had a Michigan Ebay buyer tell me that a 9/10 perfect ARC preamp I sold him might be going to need a part _in the future_ because he could hear relays click during the warmup process. This as most of us know is normal, and mentioned in the manua... 
Snobbiest audio websites
Once I registered at an Audio site (I've forgotten which) and tried to start a thread re: the merits of various tube gear manufacturers. I was immediately pounced on and attacked simply because I was from Minnesota, and my IP address reflected thi... 
VTL 450 mystery - please help
Also I have had the MB300 and the MB450 and what you need to know is that the updated, fat ceramic fuses used in the newer Signature series are better than the skinny ones in the older series, like the MB300. That being said, the only time I had a... 
audiphile power cords
The house I've rented could desperately use the ASC RodenTraps that all the chi-chi 'philes are using. 
audiphile power cords
Miami currently but looking all over for a house for me! Miami is expensive at the moment, so I'm looking everywhere! I am sure the keys are a bit isolated, and day drinking in my camper van isn't something I aspire to... Nevertheless, I am lookin... 
audiphile power cords
I used to DIY power cords out of Belden and other cables, yes, including Romex. Shielded 12ga. was good too, and I was happy. They got power to the equipment from the wall, were not prone to EMI, and this all seemed really good!If you had told me ... 
Clayton Audio Class A amps. Need amp advice
I see we have gone a long way past the amp recommendations. Allow me to throw my two cents in.You like tubes and power. You love your CJs. You want some bass control. You would prefer to buy used like so many of us.There are several ways to go her... 
VTL 450 mystery - please help
Just so people know, there is a rolling update on these amplifiers that lowers the voltages and makes them more "friendly" to modern production tubes. Local dealers can do this, Mine in Minneapolis did... I have lots of VTLs and have had occasiona... 
Hum in VTL 125 mono block amps
Replace your filter capacitors. 
Aronov LS9100 monos - upgrade to VTL Deluxe 300?
I couldn't agree LESS with Marakanetz, I have had MB450, MB300s, and Wotans, and only one resistor ever went bad on ONE of my three MB450's (old, black, signature models). This cost me approx. 75$ to have fixed professionally. I have WOTANS, peopl... 
Hall of Fame: BIGGEST BADDEST Monster Amps
I'd like to second EBM's recommendation... The James Brown amp has Soul... And it's Super Bad!