Essence®gZero6 Speaker Cables

Ive been running these speaker cables for about 3 weeks and they have settled in very nicely, but they do take about 300 hours burn in, during which their "character" changes, but it's well worth the wait.

Combined with the Essence®gZero6 Interconnects they allow my system to achieve a level of performance I had not thought possible with the components that I have.

The first notable attribute is their extension of the low frequencies, providing a much deeper bass register without bloating.

That brings me to their second, but most important attribute - their control. Extending the bass register can often lead to a bloated or muddy presentation, but these cables allow the amp to take complete control of the speakers to provide a very well balanced sound.

They are not too shabby over the rest of the frequency range either, provding a very smooth top end with significantly more detail then my Van den Hul D-352's

Vocals are silky smooth or gritty, dependent on who is singing, but its the details conveyed by these cables which makes these qualities much more noticeable.

Again, combined with the Essence®gZero6 Interconnects they create an extremely wide and deep image which is very spacious i.e. there is a much more realistic presentation of instruments in their own space and they are located very precisely in that image.

They are also very dynamic and articulate - one album that really brought those traits to the forefront is Steve Winwood's Higher Love, It has some very punchy drum work, together with some very deep synth work. with a lessor cable much of the detail is lost.

Perhaps their weakest "attribute" is their looks - for starters, they are quite skinny. You would be forgiven for thinking they are best suited to a pair of bookshelf speaker, but far from it. I have a pair of Gershman Acoustics Sonogram's and they are a full range floor stander's. I have also tried them on Magico V2's. They simply allowed the amp to take complete control of the speaker and allowed it to do what it does best - i.e. move those drivers in perfect harmony!

If you saw these cables on display in a store you would probably walk right by them, or discount them for lack of girth. But then you'd be missing out on an extremely good speaker cable.

Dependent on the type of music you listen to, you might think these cables are colouring the sound. When listening to very "engineered" tracks like POP and R&B the sound can change quite a lot, but on jazz and orchestral tracks their very "natural" presentation with lots of details will reset your ears.

The instrument I thought brought out the very best in these cables was the piano. They just seem to allow those amazing harmonics to effortlessly flow. The bass notes have bags of that low rumbly texture and the high notes have amazingly fast dynamics.

If you want more info on these cables just google "KLE Innovations" to get to their web site.

Their products are available from several select dealers around the world, so check their web site to find one near you.

I have now tried many of the KLE Innovations products and their one outstanding achievement is - THEY WORK!

More to the point - they work significantly better than a lot of the competition.

Back to the tunes
Hi Williewonka, I asked this with the interconnects also, but what do you think that these are better than or comparable too :)
Hi Williewonka, was there much of a difference in the sound between the Gershman Acoustics Sonogram's and the Magico V2's speakers.

How did they sound on the Magico V2's speakers...
Yping - Gershman vs Magico?- I would not offer an opinion on this because
they were connected to very different systems.

They did both sound very neutral, spacious and very dynamic. Based on
their price I would venture to say the Magico should sound better, but
unless I have heard the two components in the same system/environment
then any assessment is based on recall and not really valid.

Also, comparing an $18k speaker to a $3.5k is not really a fair comparison.

Although the Sonogram is an outstanding speaker - the Gershman GAP
828 might be a better choice to compare to the Magico.

Re: what speakers cables are they better than? - they were significantly
better than my old van den hul d352 with Furez bananas and they also
sounded much better than a pair of very expensive Cardas cables.

I might be trying a pair of Purist Audio in a couple of weeks - I'll keep you

Hi Williewonka, very interested and look forward to reading about the Purist Audio/Essence gZero6 speaker cable comparison :)

So your review is essentially with the Gershman Acoustics Sonogram speakers. Do you now still feel the need to upgrade your speakers to something better... say Gershman GAP 828 speakers?
Yping - At this point in time my system is performing at a very high level thanks in large part to all of the cables I have.

For the time being I'm quite happy to enjoy my new found "nirvana" - until I walk into my favourite hi-fi store and get blown away by considerably better sound.

Depending on what kind of music you like, other worthy contenders in the speaker department are the Tannoy models Stirling, Turnberry and Kesington. For something more modern looking - take a look at the Definition range

They don't suit everyone's ears, but for many - they are the last speaker they buy.

I actually prefer the Tannoy's mentioned above much more than the Gap 828, they are better suited to my musical tastes. They convey voice significantly better than most other brands for some reason, and they can handle large orchestral pieces at significantly higher volumes than most, without being fatiguing. They are not perfect by any means - they tend to have a smaller sweet spot for one thing and you have to toe them in significantly more (so I'm told) than most other speakers to get the image depth. But once you have the correct alignment they sound so sweet.

One thing about the Sonograms - they may be Gershman's "entry level", but they should be viewed as a high performing speaker for the smaller listening room, like mine. The differences between them and the Gap 828 are, to my ears, quite small when considering the volumes I tend to listen at. The 828's may be significantly better with a more powerful amp in a larger room and different musical tastes.

So, I don't believe I will not be upgrading any time soon and when I do it will probably be to one of the Tannoy's

Hi Williewonka, interesting that with these cables in your system you do not feel the need to update your components, perhaps just your speakers. Is that correct, because that's is certainly a nice improvement... :)
yping - if I had unlimited financial supply I would upgrade everything.

But right now I have to get my ears acclimated to the new sound, such that any future upgrade will be based on intimately knowing exactly what my current components sound like and where they are falling short.

Until then all upgrades are on hold

I do have a tweak on the TT - upgrade the RCA to the Harmony RCA range

Anyhow - isn't this hobby supposed to be about the music :-)

Here's a review of the IC's and SC's from another forum

Essence gZero6 IC and SC Review

Yping - I thought I'd provide you with this update....

I finally got around to installing a pair of Pure Harmony onto the silver litz loom on my audiomods tonearm.

The improvement were staggering - yes staggering!!!

The improvements really highlighted how good my system really is - specifically the resolution. It is much finer and bring to the forefront the superb image and spacial accuracy that the system is capable of.

Combined with the Essence gZero6 IC's and SC's, the system now provides superb reproduction of those extremely fine micro details that contribute to realism.

I now know just how good my speakers really are and I don't believe they have reached their full potential.

The one component I might consider upgrading right now is my DAC, which does not match the realism currently experienced from the analogue side of the system.

But the speakers, amp, phono and TT are definitely staying where they are - together with the cables :-)

Williewonka, that IC and SC review reads extremely well. I wonder how consistent they are in different systems. Does your experience of the gZero6 IC/SC agree with this review...
Yping - I've now used the gZero3 SC and gZero6 IC and SC on three different systems of vastly varying budgets - from $4k to $50k.

Each time the I provements were very similar
- improved bass controll and extension to the low end
- improved dynamic performance
- improved imaging
- smoother extended high end
- significantly more clarity across all frequencies
- a more neutral and natural sounding presentation

My solid silver IC with Silver Harmony RCA's were outperformed by the gZero3 and my solid silver IC with the Pure Harmony were outperformed by the gZero6 IC's.

Both the 3 and the 6 use copper conductors, so to outperform my silver IC's in both cases says a lot about the cable architecture of the gZero line

And yes - I agree with the review - the gZero6 are deservedly their pinnacle product and produce an amazingly realistic reproduction with a more spacious image, having more seperation of instruments within that image.
Thanks Williewonka, so the improvements are similar even with different and different priced audio systems ... interesting and impressive!
Yping - many of todays components/systems are capable of significantly better performance once the right cables are installed - particularly power cables.

Even my $350 Yamaha mini system performed so much better once I upgraded its power and speaker cables - it's a cracking little system now.

Hello - Other than KLEI, are there other sources to purchase from? Thanks.
Maxima95 - Contact KLE Innovations for suppliers. Their list is growing daily

For the RCA's I know you can order them from Parts Connexion. They might even do a special order for the cables for you, but it would take 3-4 weeks to complete, since they have to do a special order from KLEI.

They also have a few others around the world, but I do not know which ones.

KLE Innovations are very good at getting the product out to you - e.g. from Aus to Canada takes a couple of weeks from the time of the order.

But they are well worth the wait :-)

Williewonka - Thanks for responding and for the information.
Maxima95, I don't think that there are many Dealers stocking the KLEI ICs/SCs, as yet, but the following is their OEM/Dealer page ...
Maxima95, I could be wrong though...
Maxima95, I have brought Harmony plugs from KLEI and they were very quick to send them to me. As Williewonka indicated, I have found KLEI very quick to respond to my purchases...
Yping - Thank you as well.