Essence®gZero6 Interconnect cables

I've just finished burning these cables in and the result is stunning.

The most notable attribute is their extremely deep and detailed bass control.

As the cables burn-in you will be treated to one of the most detailed and spacious 3D images I've ever heard on any system.

Details are abundent, from the extremely low bass lines to the highs of cymbals, triagles and synths.

And they are extremely smooth - the highest violin notes are the smoothest I've ever heard, but they also have body.

Did I mention dynamics - the drums on Steve Winwoods track Higher Love
Sound Iike rifle shots and the synth work is amazingly detailed

Orchestral tracks envelope the listener and imerses them into the performance.

I can go on, but I won't - just visit their web site and look at the reviews there.

Just Google KLE Innovations

I've also tried their RCA's and they are exceptional performers also

Remarkable products that work
What interconnects do you think that these are better than :=)
yping - I have heard them up against some expensive Kimber XLR IC's and the gzero6's were more detailed and dynamic with a deeper bass response and more expansive image

My own Stager Silver solids with the KLEI Pure Harmony RCA's were not quite as open and lacked a little bass and image, but it was quite close. The imaging was better with the gZero6's.

I also have Van den Hul D102 MKIII with Furutech RCA's - the gzero6's trounced them in every respect.

I also have DH Labs BL-1, which were at about the same level of performance as the VDH.
Hi Williewonka, which Purist Audio cables will you be comparing the Essence®gZero6 cables, too...
Hi Williewonka, have you done the comparison between Purist Audio and Essence®gZero6 cables, yet.

Will you be comparing them to other cables, also.

I am thinking that perhaps it is just as simple to purchase these cables, rather than DIY, so it is nice to hear your opinion of them, especially when compared to other cables.

My posts seem to be taking quite awhile to get posted...
Yping - I will be comparing speaker cables - not sure which model as yet

Yping - still waiting on the cables

DIY has the advantage of being much cheaper, but has little resale value.

Unfortunately, KLE Innovations are new kids on the block, so their resale
value is yet to be established, which puts them at a disadvantage
compared to established brands like Cardas, Kimber Kable and Purist
Audio, regardless of how brilliant they are.

Since I buy all my gear based on actual performance, it took very little time
at all to realize I had to buy both gZero6 speaker cables and interconnects.
And that was after I had purchased the gZero2 speaker cables and the
gZero3 interconnects.

I never have been one to base my purchases on name brands and I
purchased the KLEI products because
1. They outperformed anything tried previously by quite a margin
2. They will probably be in my system for a very long while, so I'm not really
concerned about resale value.

I've now had a chance to compare the gZero6 speaker cables to some
pretty pricey Cardas speaker cables. Not only were the gZero6 better
across the board, they are low capacitance, which makes the suited to
amps that can suffer oscilation issues using higher capacitance cables -
e.g. Naim, Gryphon and Ayre.

I also had a chance to compare the gZero6 Interconnect (RCA) to a rather
pricey Kimber Kables XLR interconnect, and again, the gZero6 had better
dynamics, space and details.

The Purist Audio will be the most expensive speaker cables I have tested -
retails for around $4K - so it will be interesting to see how they perform in
comparison to the gZero6 SC's

I will definitely post my impressions here once tested

Hi Williewonka, ahh, the Purist Audio is a speaker cable (a much more expensive speaker cable). I look forward to you posting your impressions ... interesting :)

I wonder how long this post will take to post :)
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@Williewonka, I have started looking at the High Fidelity Cables CT-1series designed by Rick Schultz. Do you know much or anything about them :)

I appear to be still under moderation so I hope this post makes sense when it appears :)
@Williewonka, I have just seen the prices of the CT-1 interconnects ... $1,600, $2,800, $4,900, and $8,900. They look very interesting but the prices are higher than my budget, so I think I will keep looking at KLEI Essence gZero6 interconnect. Looking forward to any other comparisons that you are able to share... :)
Here's a review of the IC's and SC's from another forum

Essence gZero6 IC and SC Review