Review: KLEI Essence®gZero6 IC Interconnect

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KLEI Essence®gZero6 InterConnect & KLEI Essence®gZero6 Speaker Cable Review

NOTE this is a combined review of Interconnect and Speaker Cable

I have been a long time user of Townshend Isolda DCT300 IC’s and Isolda Speakers Cables, feeling like the well know reviewer Jason Kennedy from the-ear-net, that they are about as good as it gets.
But curiosity got the better of me. After successfully trying the very good Katoen IC from Elijah Audio, I still wasn’t completely satisfied.
Thankfully I stumbled onto KLEI (Keith Louis Eichmann Innovations). Most of us have heard of Keith Eichmann and his famous Bullet plugs. He also took a foray into cable making and has recently formed a new venture called KLE Innovations.
Now I must admit that I am not technically savvy enough to understand the reasoning and science behind his newest RCA Plugs and Cables, but I am grateful that I have good enough ears to hear what they can do to your system.
Cable sceptics can stop reading now but may I suggest you let your ears do the thinking.
The cables arrived and upon opening the package I found some rather light weight, unassuming cables. Both IC and Speaker cable are hardly the eye-candy that so many crazily priced cables come packaged in and presented as. Yes they are well made but hardly woo you with their appearance. The pictures on the WEB Site hardly to justice to how unsubstantial they look, but then of course looks can be deceiving. And that’s just the way it turned out.
I will only inform you on the sound of the cables together, linking my Ayon CD5s to my Vitus RI-100 integrated connected to Magico S1s.
After allowing the cables to settle in and playing them for 20 hours without listening (KLEI had previously burned in the cables for me) I gave them my first serious listen.
The level of resolution and transparency was sensational, especially so as this new level of resolution and transparency did not come with any etch or brightness. Now I have never thought of cables (being passive devices) having distortion, yet what I was hearing sounded as if a whole level of distortion was removed and I was gazing into a perfectly clear and clean window into the music.
Bass is substantial, but more importantly imbued with notes, shape and texture.
The top end is clean as a whistle, open and free. The midrange pure and beguiling. Human voices sounding so real, and instruments have natural and true timbre.
They have helped create an even greater three dimensional space, opening a larger, wider and deeper soundstage than before, in which instruments are clearly delineated in their own acoustic space, yet not in a simple two dimensional cardboard cut-out way, but much more three dimensional, with genuine body and air. And despite being able to spotlight each individual instrument, yet the music flows as a whole.
How do you sum these up? You could say neutral, but that is a much misused word and can often mean bland and lifeless. This is not so at all with the KLEIs. I would sum them up as truthful, a beautiful open conduit for the music to flow from and through ones equipment.
Well done Keith Eichmann, in some ways you are a veritable genius to provide cables of this quality at the price asked.
Which bring me to the really good news. The combined price of these cables is less than my previous favourites, the Townshends. Better still they are substantially less pricey than nearly all the esoteric cables out there. In fact, they are a bargain.
Of course I haven’t had every cable and cable combination in my system. I have however had Townshend, Stereovox, ASI Liveline, Cardas, Grover Huffman, Siltech, Analysis Plus, Anti-Cables, others I can’t remember that well, as well as a combination of home-made cables in my systems over the years, and I can’t ever remember a cable loom leaving such a profound and positive impression on me as have these KLEIs.
Well done!
Please note: I have no commercial interest in KLEI.

Associated gear
Ayon CD5s
Vitus RA-100 Integrated
Magico S1
Padre_power, excellent write-up. So the KLEI Essence®gZero6 ICs are really that good...

What about the KLEI Essence®gZero6 SC? I guess, since you used the IC and SC together, they must also be excellent...