Esoteric versu Oppo 105?

ow much difference in sound quality on basic cd's. I'm assuming the Oppo is properly isolated and conditioned.
which Esoteric?

I have K01 and and oppo 105. K01 is much much better on SACD and CD. I use the OPPO for DVD, Blueray audio and streaming Pandora thru my two channel system.
depends on the quality of recording. CD on the K01 is very very good.

These are both very good players for their price points, but oppo at $1200 is not in same league as the k01 for $20k.

that said, I would probably but the oppo for $1k vs a k07 for $5k.

I would also buy the oppo over the older X series Esoterics.
I have. This thread is a joke, right? we are comparng a $20,000 premiere player to a $1,000 dvd player?

The oppo is uninvoling, unresolving, flat, dry and lifeless - but, its just awesome for the price.