EQ for a pair of subs

I'm looking at possibly adding a pair of SVS subs (possibly SB12s)to my 2-channel rig and wondering what works best to help integrate them while also being user friendly. I know Kal has written favorably about the XTZ system and that's high on my radar, but anything else in the sub-$1000 worth looking at?

Also, looks like a pair of SB12s would run around $1200 and seems like a pretty good deal. Do you guys think they're enough to get to a legitimate near full range sound in a medium-sized room or do I need to go bigger? Any others I should look at in this price range? Thanks for thoughts.
I had a pair of SB12s for my 80% music 20% HT system and miss them dearly. They offer a very smooth sound and didn't draw attention to themselves. They integrated with my mains very well. In the end, they just didn't have enough output for my very large room with 17' ceiling. I went to a pair of sealed 15s and lost some of that seamless integration.

I wish I still had the SB12s...and a smaller dedicated room to put them in. If your room is smaller than say 15'x20' with 8 foot ceilings, you should have no problem with the dual SB12s output. My room is 14'x30'x17' high which is also open to the kitchen and a hallway...it's by far,the weakest link in my chain.

I've been using the SVS AS-EQ1 with both sets of subs and am really happy with the performance of this EQ. It doesn't allow for the Nth degree of tweaking, but it wasn't designed to. It's built for those of us without the time to run graphs all day.

Hope this helps.
Svs subs is nice. I would add Rythmik sub into the mix. You could try minidsp 2x4, antimode 8033 (or 2.0 if you have extra money)or behringer BFD DSP-1124P for a full system control. Here are some usefull links


If you're willing to beat your head against the wall during set-up:

I used to use a Velo SMS-1 for EQ and for high cutting the subs. I also used an NHT X-2 active x-over to low cut my mains. The X-2 offer much more low cut flexibility and it took the SMS out of the main signal path. (After a fair bit of A/B, I decided that I kinda sorta thought that the X-2 sounded less intrusive than the SMS and, even if I wasn't 100% sure, I felt better with the SMS out of the main path).

The only caveat is that auto-correct on the SMS sucks and manual set-up is worlds better. Unfortunately it was many, many hours of trial and error before I felt that I had it buttoned up.

Total cost of the 2 units is +/- $800 if you can find an X-2 (now discontinued).

Alternatively, find a pre-pro with Audyssey XT32, use the auto set-up and call it a day. That's where I ended up.

Thanks guys, this is a big help and I'm looking into all of it. I'm planning on stereo bass and looks like the SMS only has the ability to employ one filter across multiple subs (unless I'm missing something), so not sure that would work. The DSpeaker 2.0 looks interesting as does Audyssey. Anybody use XTZ out there?

Dumb question, but can any of these units or anything else work optimally without inserting anything between my pre and amp? My pre has two sets of outputs if that helps.

Also looking into Rythmik, but the SVS deal looks like it might be hard to beat for the price. Thanks again guys.
These days I would recommend the Anti-Mode 2.0 for this application. It will handle crossover, EQ, tweaking, measurement, etc.. See my review in Nov. Stereophile.

One of the things to consider is something I never heard mentioned. Since the subs will go through A/D and then D/A conversion, and various filters, there will be a systems delay. Not sure how much, but I would think at least 30ms. This is equivalent to over 30ft, so is substantial.

It may be worth checking with manufacuters how much systems delay their product has (function of processing horsepower I presume), and factor that into your choice. Thenagain, the proof is in the listening and Kal has heard quite a few of these units and never reported this as an issue. However, since there is no way of knowing how things would sound if the delay issue did not exist, this does not proof it is not audible.

The only way aorund this is to insert an all digital DRC system with EQ, Xover and phase / time alignment into the digital chain.

I went from the Sub EQ approach (used SVS) to the DRC / Xover approach with great success. If you have analog sources you would need ot do A/D conversion though, which may be a dealbreaker. Also a lot more money and system complexity to go the digital route.
To Edorr's point re: analog sources

The other alternative is to go all DSP as he indicates, but defeat that functionality when using analog sources.

You'll disable the subs and hear straight 2.0 channel reproduction. If your preferred analog source material is primarily acoustic music with limited bottom end information (as mine tends to be these days) and your main speakers have decent bass extension (as do my Ohm 100s), this isn't a half bad way to get the occasional, traditional audiophile fix.

I rarely go that way, but it's there when I want it.



I'm using analog input from an Oppo 95 to a Cary Cinema 11a with the Cary set to bypass mode. To use an Anti-Mode 2.0 would I set the Cary inputs to DSP?

I now use a Velodyne SMS-1 to control two HGS-15s, but the subs are no longer needed for music (KEF 107/2s with 107/2 KUBE do LF very well), so I set SACD output to DSD.