Entry into HiFi

Hey guys, first time poster longtime lurker. I've recently purchased a Rega P3 and now I want to hook it up to a nice set of speakers and a tube amp, but I'm not really sure where to start. Right now I'm going Rega -> old receiver -> speakers. My budget is about $2000, spread out over the next 6 months. What do I need to turn my setup into a true hi-fi system? (Pre-amp, etc).

I love all kinds of music, but my vinyl collection centers around original pressings of classic rock and jazz (Davis, Coltrane).

I love the look and price of the Jolida FX10, but I've been told it has low power limiting me to high efficienc speakers? Good thing, bad thing, is there a better option?

Any help is greatly appreciated!
Look for a nice under a grand Primaluna, Cayin, Rogue integrated tube amp

you dont say how big or what your listening space is like but
JM focal or Triangle make good speakers under 1K that are tube friendly

cheap interconnects/speaker wire before you go with the nitro charged hand wound by virgins silver wire thingys
I would say choose your speakers first then work from there.Just my two cents worth of useless banter!!
Yes, choose your speakers first, though I would definitely go the high-efficiency route myself!
Matching your future phonostage (inboard or outboard) to your cartridge of choice should be a priority. It starts there. Look around at the used gear here. If there is something that interests you, do a search on it. Chances are someone will have had some experience with it.
What old receiver and speakers do you have now?
get a manley stingray 1 (with triode switch) while you can, they are bargain right now, at around $1200-$1400, once this all old stock gone - you have to pay $3000 for the Stingray 2 . This is a true made in america diamond in tube amps.

Speakers, as suggested, Focal (older bookshelf Electras are AWESOME and affordable, check clasifieds), Triangle, maybe other.

Get a decent phonostage like Graham Slee AMP2/AMP3, matching cables and you done, you have serious system ;)

I would echo several of your posters above. Get the speakers first - preferably HE (high efficient) models. This will allow you to venture into the SET (Single ended triode) amp camp. SET's (45, 2A3, 300B) and HE speakers are a wonderfully musical combination that have stood the test of time.
I just helped a friend design and setup a Deware Zen and Omaga speakers. What a sound! Defiantely world class performance at a fraction of the price.
Exciting, isn't it! You have to get the speaker/room thing right. Oh heck! You have to get everything right - and it's hard; that's why we're all here. I would recommend hitting the pre-owned racks at some local dealers and home audition speaker/integrated amp combos.
Thank you all for the info, it insanely confusing, but I'm slowly getting a grasp.

So I think I start at speakers and from what I've read,and high efficiencies. Being in a new house and a bachelor, I've decided to dedicate my living room to a sectional, some art I've collected, and the HiFi. Essentially it is a 10x12 room will three walls, the back being open. Thats the setup, I would love standing speakers, but realize the quality of bookshelf at my prince range is much more tempting. And its hard wood, but with a carpet that takes up most the room - I would imagine that will have impact. Suggestions?

To answer some others - current speakers are an old pair of cerwin vegas, and the receiver is a non impressive pioneer w/ built in phono preamp. The stingray is beautiful - wow. As is the zen, I just love the look of tube amps. Gets me even more excited. Can't wait to choose speakers and find the perfect amp.

Thank you again guys and gals!
Which wall will the speakers be on and where will the open wall be relative to their placement? How loud do you like your music. Does your classic rock have to ROCK?
Thanks for the interest Phaelon, the speakers will be against the far wall as you face the room and they will project towards the open end, with a couch closing off part of aforementioned end for sitting and listening.

I like my music somewhat loud, but I'll never be looking to get a noise complaint, more enjoy the nuances of my music with a HiFi system. Think 8pm on a Tuesday with a martini.

Thanks you again
My pleasure Notjohnnyv. Choosing an audio system is no less personal than choosing a girlfriend. It really is that subjective. That said, the speaker that keeps running through my mind is the "Totem Model 1". I didn't see one currently available but it's a classic speaker and there's quite a few out there. If you're patient, I'm sure one will pop up shortly.