Emotiva USP 1 verse Rotel RC 990 995 or B&k PT 3

How would the Emotiva USP 1 preamp stack up against the Rotel RC 990,995 or even the B&k PT 3 premap tuner Amps would be Rotel 990 or B&K 1400 II which i think seems to out do the Rotel. Thanks
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The Rotel 995 is an excellent pre-amp and a step or two above the others.
I have a PT3 and its not good at all. Emotiva is ok , I vote for the Rotel. I have a rotel 1070 preamp (4 Sale)that is awesome also
Pretty sure the 990 and 995 are about the same.
I thought the B&K was better than the Rotel 990 when I had both.Esp.on acoustic music.
But many rockers prefer the hard-edge Rotel sound.
What's your budget? Other gear?
Vandersteen 2CEs, Polk SDAs, VS VR 2s (not impressed) and two of the three will be leaving. Marantz 7001 and AP Solo Crystal and oval 9. Budget is under $300 for a preamp Not a big fan of seperates as it more cords and variables but I have this Rotel RB 990 sitting here. Yamaha CX 800U comes to mind also. Real nice item.