B&K Reference 200.7 vs Rotel RMB-1555

I am considering purchasing a used gently B&K 200.7 for $1k -- seems like a decent price.

Can anyone comment on SQ and imaging of this particular amp ( or derivative ) - warm, articulate, etc... vs Rotel RMB-1555?

I have a line on Rotel. But I can't swing for the Rotel 200x5 at the moment. So its baby brother the RMB-1555 will have to fit the bill until funds are available. But I need an amp now, so I am wondering if the Rotel's 125wpc x 5 is a better fit with my b&w's even though the Rotel is a lesser powered amplifier than the B&K 200x7 I am considering.

Any comments welcomed, as a decision needs to be made in a few days.

Get the Rotel RMB-1585. From time to time you could find a used one in used markets for around $2k ish. The RMB-1585 is night and day better than the RMB-1555. not only in the power output dept but better in all areas. much greater dynamic, dynamic headroom, more impactful, much more fulsome sound or much fuller sound, more solid and better focus imaging, better image depths, larger soundstage sizes, more fluid liquid and analog sounding, thicker and better midrange bloom, much better separations between instruments and vocals. The RMB-1585 sounded much more realistic than the RMB-1555. 

The Rotel will pair really well with the B&W. Which B&W speaker system do you have? 


Thanks.  I have seen the older version of the 1585 ... like the 1095s etc... do you think that the older Rotels are as good as the newer versions?

I have CDM 9NTs with matching center CDM CNT.  They have been great speakers for me.  I know they are not the best, but they are not shabby at all.  Just looking for an amp to make them happy.

Surrounds are not B&W.

And I am assuming that B&K 200.7... is of lesser sound quality across the board -- where does the B&K fit in today's marketspace of similar amp companies?

I know the 200.7 is older from their first go-round... would B&K be on the same field as adcom, acurus, outlaw, emotiva etc? 


No, do not get an older Rotel RMB-1095 amp. All older Rotel 10xx series amps sounded grainy in trebles, dry and sounded cold. The RMB-1585 is way way better than the RMB 1095.

So - question - Which is a better choice given my current gears?

Bryston 9BSST 5-Channel Amplifier for $2k used market 


New Rotel RMB-1585 for about the same price never used open box at Magnolia HiFi.