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McIntosh to Luxman?
@paul8088    As for upgrade streamers/DAC from the Bluesound there are many countless options out there : Aurender, Lumin, Linn, Naim, Chord, Simaudio, PS Audio DS DAC with networked bridge ii, Cary Audio, Teac, Esoteric, DCS, and many others de... 
McIntosh to Luxman?
@jrod68  You will need to upgrade your source component (your Bluesound streamer) to something better. Your Bluesound streamer is the bottleneck and is holding up your entire system setup IMO.    As for Luxman vs Mac I would say it’s a matter o... 
How old are you?
I'm 49. 
All New ROTEL MICHI GEAR // State-Of-The-Art
@stereo5 I thought I should say something here regarding the new Michi products. First of all, all new Michi products only bear Michi logo and you won’t see any Rotel name on them. And these new Michi products are designed and built on another dif... 
Cary Audio CD 306 SACD player (non Pro version)
Seems like the laser needs replacement. Pretty common issue with an older disc player. I would contact Cary Audio and see what they have to say. 
All-in-one integrated, 10-15K range, class A/B only
@essrand what are your speakers?  
Advice please.
@newbie1963 If you want to improve bass performance in your room or in your current system setup the new B&W 702 S2 will not be good choice. These 702 S2 mainly emphasize on midrange and upper registers (highs) and sounded somewhat bright as t... 
Magico M9 The new 'norm' in speakers
Wished I had an extra $750k cash lying around somewhere to upgrade to the M9. I currently own a pair of Magico M6 driven by Naim Statement NAP S1 monoblock amps & Naim Statement NAC S1 linestage analog preamp. There’s big jump in price going f... 
Chord Dave - Missing soundstage width
What what are using for a streamer & a digital cable (USB or coax, etc)? What power cable are you currently using for the Dave DAC and all your other equipments? And what kind of AC power product do you have for your setup? All these factors w... 
Just purchased an Anthem AVM 50 to Frankenstein with my Luxman 507
If you configure the Oppo to output LPCM instead of bitstream via HDMI, your processor should recognize it as LPCM digital, not DTS or Dolby Digital. Cause the Oppo is sending LPCM stream to your processor and likewise your processor will recogniz... 
Just purchased an Anthem AVM 50 to Frankenstein with my Luxman 507
Gotcha. :)Sorry didn't read the whole thing. My bad. 
Just purchased an Anthem AVM 50 to Frankenstein with my Luxman 507
So, you're saying that your Anthem AVM50 does not decode DTS-HD Master Audio & Dolby True-HD found on bluray discs? The AVM50 can't be that old and I would think it would be able to support and decode those lossless HD audio formats on bluray ... 
Just purchased an Anthem AVM 50 to Frankenstein with my Luxman 507
I would use HDMI from the Oppo 103 to your Anthem AVM50 processor for movies.  
Recommendation for an audiophile speaker cord that is not "bright"?
@ruraltraumasurgeon You should look into Shunyata Research speaker cables and they lean towards warm smooth and will mate well with your Wilson Sasha 2. Transparent speaker cables will also pair really well with Wilson speakers. 
Sonus fabre Venere s
I guess the Venere S could potentially sound good when set up right. ProAc, Audio Physics, Harbeth, Spendor, ATC make great speakers and you should highly consider them as well.