Eminent Technology LFT 7 !!

Not a missprint!  LFT 7 was the LFT 6 with additional bass panels. The bass panels had 3 bass drivers per panel.  4 panels total.  Would like to hear them or purchase them.  
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At Eminent Technology website select Product History.  First production of LFT 7 was 1989.  Since the LFT8 was also released in 1989 I suspect very limited production of the 7.  
Exactly!  I found my LFT 6's in Texas and consider it one of the great purchases of my audio life.  Currently remodeling my primary audio space to better allow rotation and display of my speaker stable.  Magnepan's are great.  The LFT's are greater.  More of everything and no compression.  First time I heard the LFT 8 I cried.  They gave me everything the Maggies held back.  Still love to rotate my Magnepan 1.7s in for couple of weeks. Will always regret selling my Tympani IVa's.   And do not miss a chance to audition the 3.7s.  WOW!
I have given up on owning a pair of LFT-4s.  
Just received a response from Bruce Thigpen on my LFT 7 inquiry.  He says only 3 or 4 pair made and all went to Asia.  Darn!
Yes I believe in the Swarm bass array.  I currently own all components, cabinets made, for 4 Dual driver GR Research Servo Subs modeled after the GT Audio Works system.  So assembly will begin shortly.  My main listening room is 22x53x10 and is being remodeled.  I decided to go this way only because I have always wanted to experiment with servo controlled bass drivers and the cost to do so has become realitively reasonable.   I am not tied to OB/Dipole for bass but it is possible.  The PAP Quintet 15 proves that.  The Linkwitz Lab lx521.4 proves that.  For sub bass closed box is best to my ears.  Tastes varies.

At the 2019 Capital Audiofest I looked into the back of the GT Audio Works woofer stack and realized i could build my own for pennies on the dollar sine they are GR Research re-badged.  Pleae understand, the GT Audio Works system is a work of art and love.  I am a fan!
Many years ago I used the Magnepan 60" ribbon tweeter with the BG Radia 75" ribbons and generic sub.  Could never get it to blend and at the time my reference was a Magnepan MG20.  Even Magnepan had trouble blending their tweeter to there original wire on membrane design.  

Shipping on them is $800 which is also very reasonable.  Someone is going to be very happy!  
...nepan will someday complete their plan to blend quasi-ribbon panels with equalized cone woofers.  Currently called the Condo 30.7.  But that is a another thread.  Back to my recently acquired LFT3s.  The previous owner suggested they were best at lower volumes.  I will soon know for sure.  The LFT6 may or may not need bass assistance depending on taste.  As a long time Magnepan owner the LFT6 bass was fine for me.  
As of last week my Eminent Technology stable is a pair of LFT3, pair of LFT6, 4 sets of LFT8 and two new LFT 8 panels.  My current project involves using the LFT8 panels with a Magnepan True Ribbon tweeter and GR Research Servo Sub stack.  Also working on an improved support for the LFT3.  How wonderful it is to find kindred spirits.  The Magnepan Ribbon tweeter IS without equal and I never have understood why people do not use it instead of complicated tweeter line arrays.  Magnepan will sell you a pair!
Greg, you made my mouth water with your saga.  More power to you!  I do belive that once one gets to 100Hz a correctly damped cone driver is the only way to go.  My Audio Artistry Beethovens have 4, 12 inch equalized woofers per side below 100Hz and it is a revelation of what true foundational bass is.   Hopefully, mag
It is all too easy to get distracted from this hobby.  Start listenning at low levels, if you can, as long as you can each day.  Tidal steaming has revitalized my daily listening.  
$900 a pair.  I believe there are 3 lengths.