Interconnect upgrade eminent?

Hello everyone,

I currently am using Tara labs prism 55i for all of my connections. I bought these cables a few years ago for about 50 bucks a pair and thought they were very well made and offered a lot better sound than the stock crap.

Lately I have been wondering if maybe getting a slightly better cable would benefit me. Are the 55i a decent cable? I really can think of many other things I would rather buy than new interconnects (like my new Sennheiser HD650s) but if there was a cable that I could get at a decent price...


PS - you can view my system for specs.
unless there is a problem you feel that new cables will correct or there is something wrong with your current cables i'd say dont fix it if it's not broke.
If you are basically happy, keep your current system cables. Then use the money saved to buy a Zu Mobius replacement cable for your HD 650's. If you are into headphones, this is a cable that truly makes a big difference.