Electronics don't matter, Part III

I created a thread that generated about 100 replies with the statement that electronics dont matter. Some of you agreed, most of you didnt. I compared $10,000 worth of amp and preamp to my $50 Pioneer receiver. I couldnt hear much of a difference with my Audio Physic Virgos.
Well, its a long story, but I ended up with a VTL 5.5 preamp and VTL ST-85 amp, with a Naim CD-5. After some burn in time, I can say I have a truly spine-tingling system, worth every penny I put into it. Tremendous coherence, balance, sound staging. Better than a BJ, this system! So for you adventurers on the road to your audio holy grail, keep at it. It is out there, I was as big a sceptic as anyone.
Regarding burn in: Is it the system thats burning in, or my own ears? I suspect a bit of both.... I think there is some real subtlety in these components. Maybe they have to synergize for a period of time before sounding good. Like a bunch of jazz musicians that have to play together before getting in the groove.....
Sounds like you have a great combo! Burn in generally reveals itself as a more liquid, natural sound and the removal of edginess. Give it a few weeks. Now that you have some excellent gear, it is time to play with positioning your Virgos, they can really sing in the proper placement.
My comment to you is to change your moniker from "mythtrip" to "fact-trip", because now you know that this stuff we talk about is not myth. Hopefully, you will now let others know about what you've learned, so that they will also understand that we're not crazy, and there really is something to all this.

Regarding "burn-in", it takes a different amount of time for different things. It is not just letting your ears adjust to the different sound, although some claim that.

Welcome to the "audiophile world" which is not a destination, but a journey toward proper reprduction of music.
Sometimes it takes awhile hear the improvements made changes in equipment. When I upgraded my old Hafler xl600 to a Anthem amp.2 special edition the sytem sounded smother,more detailed,and the soundstage became deep and wide.
"but a journey toward proper reprduction of music."

Well said...

How much did you say you wanted for that Pioneer receiver? Will you throw in the Virgos? You could downsize to Paradigm Atoms and not hear much difference either. Can you take a personal check?
And I was going to buy a new YBA Passion Integre. I just may start a bidding war for that Pioneer of yours.
Since you are no stranger to controversy and accepted one of the more difficult challenges in building a great system, tell us how and why you went with the Naim 5.
Cellorover... that's a great question. I had no problem hearing a significant improvement with an upgraded amp, but had a much harder time hearing the subtle improvement of an upgraded CD player.

Mythtrip... how DID you decide, or justify, laying down more than $1K on a cd player?