Electronics don't matter, Part III

I created a thread that generated about 100 replies with the statement that electronics dont matter. Some of you agreed, most of you didnt. I compared $10,000 worth of amp and preamp to my $50 Pioneer receiver. I couldnt hear much of a difference with my Audio Physic Virgos.
Well, its a long story, but I ended up with a VTL 5.5 preamp and VTL ST-85 amp, with a Naim CD-5. After some burn in time, I can say I have a truly spine-tingling system, worth every penny I put into it. Tremendous coherence, balance, sound staging. Better than a BJ, this system! So for you adventurers on the road to your audio holy grail, keep at it. It is out there, I was as big a sceptic as anyone.
Regarding burn in: Is it the system thats burning in, or my own ears? I suspect a bit of both.... I think there is some real subtlety in these components. Maybe they have to synergize for a period of time before sounding good. Like a bunch of jazz musicians that have to play together before getting in the groove.....

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Since you are no stranger to controversy and accepted one of the more difficult challenges in building a great system, tell us how and why you went with the Naim 5.