A dozen new Blue Note reissues coming from Music Matters Jazz.

Music Matters Jazz is back with a dozen titles on a new vinyl formulation they're calling SRX. They've announced the first two and will announce another one every day at the link. Albums don't go on sale until midnight New Year's Eve. 

I know a lot of folks here follow Music Matters' reissues. Of interest is the new formulation "We call it “ SRX Vinyl.” SRX stands for “Silent Running Xperience.” SRX is our own proprietary formula, conceived and developed by Rick Hashimoto of Record Technology and manufactured by TPC Plastics. Its noise floor is fathoms lower than any other vinyl we know of out there past or present. Records pressed with it look like normal black discs until you hold them up to the light and see that they are translucent and smoky, silvery gray in color."

in 2017, he announced that there would be no new titles, but he still had substantial stock to sell through, particularly of some of the 45s. The way he tells it in the announcement is that the SRX vinyl is what brought him back. I know Ron, and I think that's true, but I also think he's just incredibly passionate about Blue Note and couldn't pass up an opportunity to put out new stuff when there was a reason to do so. 

Here's the announement: https://www.musicmattersjazz.com/news-s/108.htm
I have seen interviews with Don Was of Blue note as well that suggest that he is very supportive of MM.