EBTech HumX

Anyone used this product before — EBTech HumX (click on blue text to see a photo).   It’s primarily function is to eliminate ground loops.   Of course, “audio gremlin” noise , especially in an analog rig (t/table, cart, phono preamp) are pretty prone to grounding issues, but also sometimes cartridge issues, ‘dirty’ AC power, RF interference entering via cartridge, etc., etc.

Anyone tried this and what were your findings?




Tried and didn’t help me but the IFi audio ground loop plug in on my amp worked great

Thanks a bunch Tuberist,  appreciate your insights on this.




The HumX worked great at eliminated the ground loop in my system. Plugged my amp into it...Ground Loop Gone!

IFi silent power ground defender is what I used. It’s a little cube that plugs into your components IEC outlet and then your power cord plugs into the back of the cube, a nifty and effective solution for me

HumX works well for what it does. It breaks ground loops. Yet, it still acts as a safety device to open the circuit if to high a voltage is present on the ground.  I use 2 with my Audion Black Shadow 845 amps that have internal ground issues that populate into ground loops when tied to the whole system.


Cant say anything about the Ifi. It appears a filter like any other Shunyata, Isotek, AudioQuest. The Ifi data is saying passive filtration starts working at 1M hertz. This is not true. I know Torus transformers start working well at 50K herts. Very similar the the IFI. And a Torus is a dead stop to DC. But, the Ifi is only $109 and I have heard other plug in devices that do work. So I would assume the Ifi is getting rid of some amount of noise

EBTech works as a safer version of a cheater plug. If a cheater doesn't work for you, it probably won't.

It performs as advertised.

Thanks everyone for your input.   While investigating tuberist’s initial comment on iFi, I noticed they have 3 different products, each to supposedly solve a specific “noise issue”:

— GND Defender: eliminates ground loops

— AC Purifier:  cleans up “dirty” AC mains, helps eliminate both EMI and RFI interference

— Groundhog +: eliminates buzz/hum/etc. that gets better or worse when you touch your RCA jacks, your tonearm head shell, your ground screw, etc.


Please correct me if I’m wrong on any of this !!

Thank you,