EAD CD 1000 Series III HDCD player?

I bought this player about 6 months ago. It sounds very good. A big improvement over my old Marantz CD63. Some questions:

Will an aftermarket power cable boost performance?

Can player be improved with internal mods?

Why doesn't EAD mention the unit on their web site?

Any comments on this unit would be appreciated.

This has been out of production for a couple of years. EAD is now focusing on home theater.
I had an Ultradisc 2000 and it sounded significantly livelier with a ESP Essence cord on it ($500 retail). I'm sure there are other options as well.
As far as mods, I am not familiar with any for this unit.
you should also be aware that ead was purchased by tara labs late last year. all facilities have been moved from fairfield, iowa to ashland, oregon. -cfb
Cords you might want to try:
Synergistic Research Reference AC (called Master Coupler)
Custom Power Top Gun - mine is modified for no filtering
JPS Digital AC
Virtual Dynamics Reference AC
Kimber PK6

Regarding mod's the forum archives have mentioned some resources in that regard, but don't put a whole lot into it. The Ultradisc 2000 is an upgrade over the 1000.

I have mine on a Vibrapod sandwich:
EAD U2000 CD
Black Diamond #4 cones
Black Diamond shelf
Vibrapods (sitting on the rack shelf)