Dynaudio vs Focal vs Paradigm

Looming at the Focal Chorus 836vw, Dynaudio Focus 360 and Paradigm S6 v3.

Speakers are listed from cheapest to most expensive for what I can find new/used.

I've owned Focal and Dynaudio car audo and was impressed. Nowhere to listen to these speakers here in Dallas.
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Why these if you have not heard them? What speakers are available to audition in Dallas?
Hard to believe there are no dealers for these speakers in and around Dallas. I took a quick look and found dealers for all three, unless they just don't carry the models you're looking for I guess.
Ok so found one dealer for the Paradigm S6 and it wasn't my cup of tea. It sounded a bit bright to me, thus I wouldn't be able to listen to them for long.

My Dynaudio dealer doesn't have a real store front anymore unfortunately. Even when he did it was a bare bones store.

Working on finding a Focal dealer but with the Chorus being discontinued, it's taking some work.

I might have to stick with the B&W 803 as there are many dealers here if I can't find anything. Was looking forward to find a more precise and neutral speaker.
Dynaudio has a long history making speakers for professional studios. They know how to make a "neutral" speakers . Look at the speakers specs .
Dynaudio was sold last month to a China company.
= suggest that you move on existing new or used stock if you want the current "real deal" and you are still married to made-in-Denmark Dynaudios.

Back on point.....

You make no mention of what comprises the rest of your system. System synergy matters .... Big time! That synergy is an alchemy of source, amps, speakers, and cables (all of power, IC and speaker )

(1) Just because brand "A" speaker anecdotally sounds good in one guy's system has nil assurance that it will also sound good in yours.
(2) The mag reviews are nothing more than preliminary background reading first steps toward formulating a plan to get "that synergy".
(3) There is no shortcut, or magic silver bullet in this process ... Unless you want to take a very high risk of guessing wrong with a blind purchase, then aligning yourself with a dealer for actual auditions and guidance is the preferred path, especially as you move up the $$ food chain.
(4) regrettably all you may back in these forum blogs are anecdotal and heavily biased personal fave opinions that have nil to minimal assurance of actually working in your system.

The takeaway is that this forum blog, the mag reviews and all other third party opinions are just weeding out steps and building blocks to your own short list.
As much as I LOVE the Focal sound, if you didn't appreciate the Paradigm I wouldn't be surprised if your preference was for something other than Focal. The Focal tweeter has a very prominant sound. I have the 836v and did like the Paradigm speakers I have heard, but they were really bright sounding.

I have not heard a dynaudio speaker so can't comment on how they would compare.
Well I ordered the Dynaudio Focus 340 today. Started searching an integrated amp in the electronics forum.
Congrats on the new speakers.
I prefer Focal, but those other 2 ain't bad.