Dynaudio Special 25 vs Totam Mani 2

I think I may be down to these two, but other suggestions are fine!

My system:
Opus 21
Pass X150
Cardas Golden Cross XLR
Synergistic Research speaker
Any predisposition? I have heard these speakers in a store, and found them quite different. If you like drier, more detailed, higher resolution sound, the Dynaudios are better. If you like things warmer and richer, with more harmonic emphasis, the Mani-2 is better. The only issue with the Mani is power, and you have that covered, as I would expect the Pass to be an excellent mate for the Totem (I heard them with Classe). My preference would be for the Mani, as I go for sirloin over salmon, pinot noir over chardonnay, John Lee Hooker over Eva Cassidy, Porsche 911 over BMW Z8, and love over beauty.
Fully agree with Whknopp0713, my vote will go for the Mani-2, it's the best speaker I have owned. The Mani-2 uses Dynaudio 6.5 drivers, in an isobarik configuration. The bass is incredible. As for power, the Dynaudio aren't that great either, maybee one or two db's over the Mani-2. As for looks, with the Dynaudio there is only one finish available, with the Mani-2 there are four. By the way, I also love my Porsche 911 turbo over any car.
Thanks for the responses! I have heard that the Mani 2 has an outdated tweeter and that the Dynaudio would be better in this category at least. Is Totem updating the Mani 2 anytime soon? I also heard they were going to stop Mani 2 production but did not hear if they had a replacement.

BTW, I favor warm rich speakers with great bass as well as transparency (if this combo is possible), so the Mani 2 sounds like it may be the one.
JM Reynaud Offrandes would also be a good speaker to look at. These three were pretty much my final contenders when I upgraded last Spring, as they are great monitors that offer great bass to boot. I choose the Offrandes in teh end and have not regretted it what so ever. Actually when I upgraded the Special 25 wasn't out yet but I did get a chance to hear 1.3 SE's and I think my Offrandes are better in all categories to my ears.

Below are user reviews from Audio Review and one user compares the Offrande to the Mani-2 then the other link is a recent review on them.