Dynaudio Special 25 vs Totam Mani 2

I think I may be down to these two, but other suggestions are fine!

My system:
Opus 21
Pass X150
Cardas Golden Cross XLR
Synergistic Research speaker

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JM Reynaud Offrandes would also be a good speaker to look at. These three were pretty much my final contenders when I upgraded last Spring, as they are great monitors that offer great bass to boot. I choose the Offrandes in teh end and have not regretted it what so ever. Actually when I upgraded the Special 25 wasn't out yet but I did get a chance to hear 1.3 SE's and I think my Offrandes are better in all categories to my ears.

Below are user reviews from Audio Review and one user compares the Offrande to the Mani-2 then the other link is a recent review on them.