Totam signature one need advice

Hi,. I'm getting back into the hobby and selling off some equipment.  Sold my Peachtree Nova 125 and have up for sale my old Peachtree D5 speakers and a Peachtree AMP 500.  Im looking at adding a new intergraded amp or separates but the more. I look the more I'm getting confused and reading more about matching amp to speakers.  Should I be looking at tube amps.  What is going to sound best with these Totam I also have a older Sunfire Jr sub.  Or should I keep my AMP 500 and just get a node 2i till I learn more.  Listen to mid level volumes (wife around) and sometimes like to crank it once in awhile.  Thanks Jeff- 
The totems require really good electronics before they come alive

You can move to an all in one dac and streamer

We have several models which will make those totems come alive

We have a huge selection of great  integtatedamplifiers with and without dacs

Thetotems respond well to warmer amplifiers naim micromega synthesis and unison research are all great canidates

Wr just got i alike new primaluna dialogue hp with kt kt 150 tubes

Dave and troy
Audio intellect nj
agree w troy

totems demand power and clean smooth signal with no harshness

suggest a hegel integrated unit, get the best used one you can afford, will match well with what totems need to sound excellent

i have no affiliation to hegel other than being a happy customer many times over