Dynaudio S3.4 or B&W Nautilus 803 ??

Hi guys, i'm kind of new into home audio thing. I'm already set on Amplifier and Pre-amp, which are Pass Labs x150 and Pass labs x 2.5

But i'm still deciding which speaker i should use? dynaudio s3.4 or nautilus 803? which one is gonna be more match or better into my amp and pre-amp? or which one sounds better? how about cd player? i got a budget for about $1000 for cd player, do you think NAD S500 will do good?

And do i really need DAC? how that works? will that improve my systems? Theta Gen VA is any good?

Please Help :)

It would depend on your musical tastes. In my opinion, the Dynaudio is warmer and more musical while the B&W is more detailed and transparent. I'd prefer the Dynaudio myself.

As for the cd player, look for a used Audio Aero Prima or a Classe CDP-1.

Happy hunting,
I may get flamed for this but... I personally feel that for Vocal and Classical, the B & W's are really hard to beat.

Though, if you listen to any other genre you may get more mileage from the Dyns. I loved the S5.4 and if I could afford it, it could very well be in my audio room now. IMO, these two brands have a very similar sound signature.

As far as synergy with your Amp and Pre, which I think are top notch BTW, I would characterize this as right down the middle. Dyn's and B & Ws are neutral to revealing, the Pass amp is neutral, the Pass Pre is neutral as well. You may want to inject a bit of warmth (tubes?) at the source end. To mix things up a bit how about a SS DAC and a tube CDP (or vice versa).

Thats about the same setup I have, albeit with better speakers, amp, and pre. Some CDs clearly sound better through the SS DAC, while others (most) are better through the tubed CDP. The diversity is great and a real asset to listenability. I will never again limit myself to only one digital playback system. Though you may prefer analog, which is great as well.
thanks for all the answer guys, i'm picking up dynaudio at last....after using martin logan aerius i for 2 years and i don't really like it, hope dynaudio will make a difference