Dyn Contour S3.4 vs. SF Cremona M or VA The Kiss


Have a Krell system driving Contour S3.4's - nice sound on the neutral side. Have offers for a Cremona M or a Vienna Acoustics The Kiss speakers. Both are more costly price wise and are supposedly warmer sounding speakers perhaps at the expense of a bit of a treble rolloff.

Any experience with the characteristics of these speakers vis-a-vis the Contour S3.4?

I'd take the dyns over any Sonus Faber or VA. More open and detailed sound. Maybe work with room acoustics and placement a bit? Or try out some different electronics?
you should still audition them if you're serious. FWIW, I like the 3.4 better than the 5.4 contours as well. Upon reflection, maybe I was a bit harsh on the VA's but to me, they just have a very strange presentation. You'll need to decide for yourself.
Thanks for the feedback.

I agree with the overblown lows on the Dyn Contour S3.4. It has very punchy and low bass especially when driven by Krells. I find the mid range to be a smidgen warm over neutral but it is the treble I find neutral especially with horn instruments which can be a little bright on some recordings.

I am surprised at your account of the Vienna Acoustics Kiss - it is a very costly speaker and to be disjointed and muffled is no go at that price.
I have heard the Kiss and whatever the floorstanding variant of this speaker is on some of the finest electronics made and they sounded disjointed and muffled. In fact, I can't remember hearing a speaker this expensive sound so horrible. There is no spark or life whatsoever. I think the rotating tweeter section can cause more harm than good and while I can see the benefit of it, I think for most it is just an annoyance and gimmick. However, I simply do not like the presentation of any of the Vienna acoustics I have heard so maybe my opinion is biased..... I have heard the cremonas (original) not M so I can't make a statement here but based on what I remember, I would prefer them over the VA as even though they are overly warmish and rolled off they at least make pleasing music to my ears. Ok, so all that being said, the dynaudio 3.4's were the first speaker I ever heard that really woke me from my mid fi slumber. I fell in love with them right away and couldn't afford them but vowed to someday purchase a set.... still haven't but I had the C1's for a while and loved them. Obviously my bias is toward the dynaudio but I do not think they are neutral speakers as they too exhibit an overly warm mid range and IMO overblown (overdynamic??) lows. You should listen to the others before replacing your speakers. Or maybe borrow a friends set of cables or preamp for a weekend.
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