Dussun vs Qinpu vs.Jungson vs.Onkyo A-9555 Amps

Has anyone heard more than one of the four integrateds? I have looked at all of the posts I could retrieve,and found varying degrees of info,but am considering one of the four for a dvd sourced 2 channel setup.I have the Usher s-520's,a Jungson DVD MH2,and am looking for the integrated.Thanks for any help or comments.

I suggest buying a component that has strong customer support and service in the USA. Some longevity and a track record in the marketplace also helps.
out of the three(qinpu?) i've heard, the Onkyo is by far the best thing in its price range. i would recommend it over others such as NAD too. the phono section alone is worth the money.
I have used both a Jungson JA88c and JA88d integrated with Usher CP6371 speakers and found them to be very synergistic, especially the JA88D. Only downsides with the Jungson JA88D are size, weight, and heat (real Class A operation). The JA88C (renamed DA120IA) is slightly less refined, does not run as hot, but has slightly tighter bass/better control than the JA88D, and is a good bargain (one listed today for $600). For what its worth,I preferred the Jungson to a Plinius 9200.
Wasn't there a $400 Jungson that won some awards? Does anyone know what happened to it?
The $400 Jungson was the 88C (great amp-I own one!). It's essentially been renamed the DA120 as Nzera pointed out above, had the spec'd power boosted from 80 to 120 watts per channel and given one extra input I believe. Retail price has been bumped up to around $1000-$1200.

The 88C was just too cheap for any decent audiophile to believe it was any good!!!
A friend of mine had Dussun V8I until he heard my Onkyo A-9555. The Onkyo A-9555 is one of the biggest sleepers on the market today!..........
The Onkyo A-9555 isn't a sleeper anymore! Everytime I go to order one from any places that sells it, they've been SOLD OUT! I finally got one on hold until they got more in and now it's on it's way to me. Should have it in a day or so. Can't wait from all the excellent things and reviews I've read so far.
What's the best price you have seen on the Onkyo?
The best price I've seen so far is $599.00 with free shipping. That's what I paid.
I picked up my Onkyo A-9555 through amazon.com for $500; a very nice integrated amp after it has been fully broken in.