Musical fidelity A5 or Dussun V8I integrated?

Has anyone had a chance to compare these two integrateds? I am on audiogon every day and have yet to see a Dussun V8I for sale. Are they that good that no one is selling them? I have a Tyler Linbrook signature speaker system. My room is not too large (12 x 15) but like to listen to loud music on accasion. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
You will have to watch closely and wait a while to see a V8i in the classifieds. I have seen them once or twice over the past year. I had one home for audition that I returned after the 30 day period. I did not return it because it lacked quality; it did not have separate pre outs to connect a sub and you'd either have to go speaker level or connect through the pre /out main in which is a bad idea for the sonics of the integrated. Other than the subwoofer/pre out issue, I would still own it. It of course a powerful, massive (90 lbs), very smooth integrated with a nice midrange quality. It is also mandatory for best performance that you replace the stock preamp jumpers with higher quality ones. It does also take a lot of hours to break in 300+. The build quality is awesome. For only $1600 it has to be one of the best buys and best values in audio. I highly recommend that you at least give it a try. Ping of AAA-Audio is a consumate professional, a great customer service guy, and great person too. A big advantage here that you do not get with the majority of high end pieces is the ability to try before you buy. You have nothing to lose but the shipping cost if you decide to return it after 30 days. You can't say that about the A5. If I were you I'd pay the additional cost to buy it new and if you don't like it, then return it. It's worth a lot more than the $1600 retail price tag. I came close to buying an A5 once but did not pull the trigger so I have no experience with it. From what I've heard of the Musical Fidelity house sound, though, I not so sure it would be to my liking. I have however always been intrigued by their ultrahigh power integrateds like the KW500.
Let me second the recommendation for the Dussun. I won one and it is a bargain
My vote definitely goes with the MF. I found the Dussun certainly very powerful and great for rock or playing loud but I think the A5 matches the power but adds a degree of finesse and subtelty that makes it a far stronger all rounder. The amplifier I found that trumped both the MF and the Dussun was the Opera Audio Calaf integrated - those first 40watts in Class A make for stunning low to mid level volume listening but it can also go as loud as needed without breaking a sweat.
I have not found the Dussun V8i lacking in finesse, sure you do get the chest slamming bass but I get a huge soundstage with detail too. I listen to mainly jazzy beats/Latin/percussion on Cd and Vinyl but also a good smattering of rock and classical from our excellent BBC stations like Radio 3 and Radio 2 which have some wonderful late night eclectic shows like Late Junction and World Music programmes etc. My speakers are Tannoy 15" HPD's. Like always, it depends on the original recording quality, pressings, mix etc. Previous amps have been Naim 135/52 pre, ATC 50 Actives, Chord 1200c Int so plenty of good comparisons. Pound for pound, buck for buck the V8i will take some beating.