Dussun U3i phono amp

Hi all,

Asked around about this - but nobody's come up with anything. Wonder if anyone here can help?

I'm in the market for a new phone stage for my venerable Rega P3. A post by Wes Phillps in a blog he did while touring the world of Chinese HIFI piqued my interest in the Dussun U3i:


(see the second and third photos/posts on the page)

I have been unable to find any proper reviews of the Dussun, though I’ve trawled Google thoroughly. As Mr. Philips points out, it looks pretty flexible for mm/mc options. As I would point out, it looks pretty good in terms of the separate power supply and also the fact that the same product is OEM’d for Mark Levinson’s Red Rose Music as the Rosette 2 and sold for $2000 (don’t even go there…):


However, bought under the Dussun name, it sells for a round 211 english pounds over at Ornec (who I’ve used before and had no problems with):


Also for further info, here’s a link to the Rosette 2 manual – if anything of note can be gleaned from it:


(Sorry for all the links – I just wanted to quickly direct anyone interested to all the info I can find on this product.)

So, does anyone have any thoughts on the U3i? Even better, has anyone heard it? I’m pretty keen to investigate, but would love to get some user feedback first, if possible.


Hi Nick, My friend had a Dussun integrated amp ( V8i.) We liked it for a while for its power and wide sound stage. After two weeks of critical listening I and my friend came to the conclusion that this amp lacks the qualities that draws the listener in. My friend goes back to his old amp and let the Dussun collects dust. Another experienced hi-fi guy comments about our experience. He said that a good amp is a piece of culture; you can't make a muscial amp overnight. Japenese have tried for years and have not succeed; much less amp from China. And I listened to the Dussun in China.
My friend bought the Dussun partly for the same rationale as you mention: Mark Levinson sells it too. After all, my friend said:"How could Mark Levinson sells this thing !!?"
If you search for Dussun, you can find many positive experiences with the V8 and V6 amps. I too, am interested in a low cost phono amp and the Dussun certainly looks interesting... But alas, no reviews so far...